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NASA and Denbigh High School Aviation Academy earn state Partnership Award

(06/24/2015) -NASA Langley Research Center and Denbigh High School Aviation Academy were awarded the Secondary Business and Industry Partnership Award during the Virginia Career and Technical Education Creating Excellence Awards program on June 11.

NASA Langley Research Center's long-standing partnership with the Aviation Academy provides additional educational resources and support for its curriculum, leading students to successful transitions to further education and the workplace.

The partnership gives Aviation Academy students the opportunity to see STEM (science, technology, engineering and math education) in action in a variety of professional environments. NASA employees serve as project mentors and coaches, and assist students with the Academy's wind tunnel. In addition, students serve as interns in several NASA departments.

Through the HUNCH program, High School students United with NASA to Create Hardware, Aviation Academy students designed and built a simulated segment of the International Space Station.

The partnership award recognizes successful industry and education collaborations that develop and support the career and technical education curriculum and student leadership activities; encourage work-based learning experiences; and support teacher professional development.


Pictured below: Dr. Dr. John Haun, Chief Academic Officer/Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Virginia Department of Education; Dr. Aaron Smith, Aviation Academy director; Hubert "Bert" Senter, Subproject Manager, Aeronautics Evaluation and Test Capabilities Operations and Maintenance, NASA; Daniel Woodley, Chairman , Virginia Advisory Committee for Secondary Career and Technical Education; and Dr. Steven Staples, Virginia Superintendent of Public Instruction at the Virginia Career and Technical Education Creating Excellence Awards program.