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Dress Code: Heritage High School


The school division acknowledges that a correlation exists between good grooming, personal attire, and student achievement. A similar relationship exists between student dress and acceptable standards of conduct. The dress code is designed to allow for student comfort while maintaining an environment conducive to learning and appropriate for the educational setting.

Recognizing these relationships, the following clothing items will not be worn in school by students:

  1. any article or apparel which displays obscene words, pictures, or designs; any article that conveys a sexually suggestive remark, a pro-alcohol message, a tobacco and/or drug related message;

  2. skirts, dresses, or shorts that do not extend beyond the fingertips fully extended and/or reach mid- thigh;

  3. tank, tube, or halter tops and strapless dresses and backless dresses;

  4. stretch lycra, spandex or nylon tights, leotards, biker pants, or underwear worn as outer garments;

  5. stretch pants or hose covered by jackets, shirts, or tops that do not extend beyond the fingertips fully extended and/or reach mid-thigh;

  6. head wear to include, but not limited to, hats, hoods, wavecaps, sweatbands, bandannas, sunglasses, goggles, headsets, combs, picks curlers, or rakes in the hair;

  7. apparel that exposes the mid-section or body below the armpits;

  8. pants or shorts worn below the intended waistline;

  9. cut-off shorts and pants with rips or holes;

  10. jewelry or accessories that may be used as a weapon including, but not limited to, two or three finger rings that are joined, fanged teeth, etc.;

  11. flip flops, slippers, and/or bare feet at any time;

  12. any item that may be considered disruptive to the educational process.

If an item is deemed inappropriate, the student will be referred to the office and denied entrance to class until the situation is rectified. The second violation of the dress code will result in exclusion from school. The third violation will result in an out-of-school suspension.

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