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Dress Code: Yates Elementary School

The Yates dress code is within the expectations outlined by the division's student dress guidelines. Please review the Dress Code below with your child(ren).


  • No heelies will be permitted.
  • Closed toe and heel shoes are appropriate. Physical fitness will occur daily.


  • Shirts tucked into the pants
  • Shirts and blouses must cover the stomach, chest, and shoulder areas (No spaghetti straps, the shoulder must be covered)
  • Plain shirts with absolutely no writing and no pictures on them unless they are school spirit shirts (solid color, plaid or striped shirts are fine)


  • Pants worn at the waist with all undergarments covered
  • A belt worn daily

Dresses, Skirts & Shorts:

  • Dresses/skirts/shorts all need to have lengths that go to the knee or 2 inches above the knee
  • Dresses must cover the stomach, chest and shoulder areas.

Other Items:

  • No bandanas, caps, hoods, hats, and/or wave caps may be worn inside school.
  • Large bulky coats and jackets will be stored in the classroom during the day.
  • Chains, spiked bracelets and/or rings, and two or three finger rings may not be worn or brought to school.
  • Items not intended as outerwear cannot be worn as outerwear in the school setting

If necessary, the parent will be called to bring appropriate attire to the school for any child who does not adhere to the dress code above.

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