SPARK, the Summer Program for Arts, Recreation and Knowledge

SPARK Summer Program

NNPS Employees: Apply for SPARK!

Newport News Public Schools is planning for a great summer of teaching and learning. SPARK, the Summer Program for Arts, Recreation and Knowledge, will include a five-week program for rising pre-kindergarten through 8thgrade students, three-week long Enrichment STEAM Camps for rising 3rd through 8th graders, and two ten-day sessions for rising 9 through 12th grade students.

SPARK 2023 will have a heightened focus on addressing student learning loss in literacy and mathematics in addition to enrichment opportunities in STEM and STEAM.

Meals and transportation will be provided. SPARK site location and bus information will be available in June on the Bus Stop Query.

SPARK Summer Program

Karen Lynch
Supervisor of Family Engagement

Christine Monteith

SPARK Elementary: (757) 283-7791
SPARK Secondary: (757) 283-7850

Elementary and Middle School

SPARK Dates: June 26-July 27 (Mon-Thu)
(Schools closed July 3-4)

Staff Work Days: June 21 and 22

Elementary Locations:

Tier A: Carver, Greenwood, Hidenwood, McIntosh, Sanford (8:15 AM-1:15 PM)

Tier B: Discovery STEM Academy (9:30 AM-2:30 PM)

Middle School Location: Gildersleeve Middle School (9:30 AM-2:30 PM)

Program Information

A five-week program will be offered for elementary students (rising pre-K through 5th) and middle school students (rising 6th through 8th grade) from June 26 through July 27, Monday through Thursday.

The elementary school program will be held in-person at various school locations. The middle school program will be held in-person at Gildersleeve Middle School.  Parents will be notified in writing of their child's assigned school for the summer program.

Elementary and middle school students will be enrolled in SPARK based on assessment information such as reading diagnostic data and other criteria. Schools will notify families of Summer School selection with the Quarter 3 report card.

STEAM Center

Dates: July 10-28 (Mondays through Thursdays)

Location: Hines Middle School

Staff Work Days: July 5 and 6

Program Information

Enrichment STEAM Camps for Rising 3rd-12th Grade Students
We're excited to offer a range of engaging and challenging activities that will inspire your student's creativity and critical thinking skills.

STEAM Center applications were emailed to all eligible NNPS students. We are no longer accepting applications. For those who have registered, please stay tuned as we will be reaching out shortly to confirm your acceptance into the camp.

High School SPARK Program (rising 9-12): Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement

Session I Dates: June 21 - July 11 (No classes held on Fridays)
Session I (en español) June 21-July 11

*In observance of the national holiday, students will not report to SPARK on Monday, July 3 or Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

Staff Work Day: June 20

Session II Dates:  July 12 – July 27 (No classes held on Fridays)
Session II (en español) July 12-July 27

Recovery Hours: 7:30 AM-11:00 AM

Advancement hours: 7:30 AM- 2:30 PM

Location: Woodside High School

Registration Deadlines:
Session I: June 12
Session II: July 6

Program Information

High school students (rising 8th-12th grades) may take courses for credit advancement and credit recovery at Woodside High School. Two sessions will be offered: June 21-July 11 and July 12-July 27.  Only select courses are offered for first time credit and are listed in the credit advancement section. Outdoor Ed classes will be held at Woodside High and Newport News Park. Transportation will be provided. There is an additional $30 fee for Outdoor Education classes. Please contact your school counselor for more information.

Student Registration

Secondary students will have the opportunity to retake courses (credit recovery), or to take a new course (credit advancement), during the summer SPARK program. Families should contact their child's school counselor to approve the registration form, and to ensure that they are registering for the correct course.

The high school program consists of two sessions; Session I (en español) June 21-July 11, only first semester courses are offered during this time; Session II (en español) July 12-July 27, only second semester courses are offered during this time. There is a $50 fee to register for each recovery or advancement course. Refund requests are available through the second day of class. Receipt of payment is required. Refunds will not be granted for failure to attend or failure to participate.


  • Registration is completed at your home school
  • School counselor must sign off on course selection
  • Payment submitted to bookkeeper at home school
  • Student will be enrolled by the school’s registrar once payment is collected
  • Check/money order made payable to home school

All summer classes will be taught in-person Monday – Thursday.  Attendance is mandatory. More than one absence prevents the student from earning credit for the course. Three (3) tardies constitute one absence.

Classes will only be offered if there is significant enrollment.

Personal Finance is a full-year class that extends throughout both sessions of summer school. This course cannot be broken into two parts. Participation in Personal Finance is required from June 21-July 27 for credit advancement and credit recovery.

For students desiring a virtual option, please refer to Virtual Virginia for enrollment options at virtualvirginia.org. The deadline to register for VVA classes is June 6 for Cohort 1 and June 20 for Cohort 2. Families are responsible for all costs.