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Celebrate Me!

Celebrate Me!

Celebrate Me! is an annual division-wide cultural awareness campaign that will include both school-based and community activities, with sponsored activities throughout the week. The purpose is to celebrate cultural heritage and to promote a sense of belonging and membership for all Newport News students, staff, and families!

Celebrate Me! is coordinated by NNPS Youth Development in collaboration with curriculum and instruction supervisors in a variety of disciplines including World Languages, Fine Arts, and Social Studies.

Celebrate Me! Invites students, staff, families, and community partners to celebrate the rich culture and heritage of our Newport News Public Schools community!  There are many ways to participate!

  • Student clubs, schools, community groups, and all youth serving organizations are welcome to sponsor a Celebrate Me! activity. 
  • Use the Celebrate Me! Planning Guide to get started! 
  • The Celebrate Me! Activity Ideas Resource has lots of ways to learn, raise awareness, and celebrate heritage!

From March 6th-10th, lessons and activities at all grade levels will celebrate the diversity of our community and serve to encourage awareness and appreciation of our diverse cultures and heritage.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Youth Development Office at 757-283-7850 ext. 10318 or email Bridget Adams.

Do you want to sponsor a Celebrate Me! Activity?
If your organization sponsors an event celebrating cultural heritage during Celebrate Me! week, please let us know by completing the Celebrate Me! Activity Sponsorship form!

Celebrate Me! Activity Ideas

Celebrate Me! Calendar

Celebrate Me! Calendar

Monday, March 6

Celebrate Me! Kick Off

Take time today to celebrate your culture, your heritage, and traditions. Share something that is meaningful to you and your culture or heritage (ex. music, pictures, items, flags, family traditions, etc.)

Tuesday, March 7

Tell My Story

  • Students and staff create visual representations highlighting their cultural stories.
  • Post creations to social media using the hashtag #NNPSCelebrateMe
  • Create a Celebrate Me! class book to highlight student cultural heritage
Wednesday, March 8

World Music Day

Take time to celebrate music from around the world! Have students submit songs for a Celebrate Me! playlist. Play these selections throughout the day.

Thursday, March 9

City Food Tour

Newport News has amazing restaurants that feature food from all over the world!

Friday, March 10

At My Table

Try a food from another country! Take pictures of or record you or you and your family making a traditional meal. Students and staff are encouraged to share recipes to create a school or class cookbook.