Newport News Public Schools Summer Learning for Secondary Students

Secondary Summer Virtual Learning (en español)

All students in grades 6-12 will have an opportunity to continue learning through independent virtual learning experiences using division computer-based programs. Students will work independently to extend their learning, set learning goals, ask questions, and receive feedback from a live facilitator via Zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-12:00.  Secondary Summer Virtual Learning begins on July 5th.

Students are encouraged to participate in the TWO by TWO Challenge: Complete at least two independent learning activities in English, math, and/or reading a book of their choice on at least two days each week

Registration: June 17-24.  Registration forms will be sent to all schools and posted online.  All registered students will be contacted on or before July 1st.  All "Two by Two Completers" will be invited to a virtual celebration and receive a certificate at the end!  Go to the Registration Form.

English: Students may choose NoRedInk (writing and grammar practice), Newsela (reading current non-fiction articles and answering comprehension questions), or to read a book of their choosing. Students can keep up with details in their book with the document, Tracking Your Reading.

Math: Students will take a mini-math diagnostic assessment to target areas for growth using IXL, a computer-based math program.  Students will work on targeted math exercises that utilize adaptive technology which increases or decreases difficulty level based on students' responses.  Worked examples with guided explanations are available if a student answers incorrectly. Virtual badges awarded for mastery.

For questions, contact your school principal or counselor.  You may also contact Dr. Joanne Jones (757-283-7850, x.10208) or Dr. Felicia Barnett (757-283-7850, x.10314).

Summer Virtual Programs

Secondary English

Newsela has over 10,000 texts across 20+ genres that go deep on any subject.  Newsela is all real-world content, so students practice accessing the complex texts they’ll find inside and outside the classroom with focus on reading skill development.  Students will encounter current events, opinion articles, discussion questions, and more, with appropriate readability for all students. 

NoRedInk makes grammar and writing more interesting by generating questions from each student’s favorite celebrities, hobbies, TV shows, and friends. “Playing with language” is an essential part of learning to write, and NoRedInk allows students to practice independently so that teachers can differentiate instruction based on results. NoRedInk also has the ability to adjust questions based on what students get right or wrong, drilling down to their underlying misconceptions. When learners get stuck, NoRedInk shows them tutorials that help them correct their mistakes and keep going.

Summer break means time to do some leisure reading!  The NNPS Summer Reading Lists for MS and HS have a wide variety of authors, texts, genres, and perspectives from which you can choose!  You’ll find adventure, conflict, celebrations, and real-life situations as you dive into your summer reading book.  Don’t forget to track your reading and ideas with the Tracking Your Summer Reading document!

Secondary Math

IXL combines a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, the Real-Time Diagnostic, personalized guidance, and actionable analytics to give students everything they need to personalize instruction and progress at their own speed.

IXL's curriculum is built on 8,500+ skills that are finely scaffolded to help students target specific areas of need. IXL is aligned to Virginia state standards and provides practice on skills from first grade through Pre-Calculus. Wherever students are in their personal learning journey, IXL has the right content to support them.

The Real-Time Diagnostic will offer students multiple opportunities to improve their skills on any of six domains (statistics and probability, algebra, number, number systems and quantity, discrete mathematics, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry).  Students are awarded badges for mastering skills and will see growth in their diagnostic levels.  

Students can practice in IXL on any device including laptops, tablets, even mobile devices.

For any problem missed, students can see a worked example to find their mistake.  As students answer questions correctly IXL’s adaptive program will increase the difficulty of the problems.  If a student begins to struggle then IXL will reduce the level of difficulty to minimize frustration for the student.