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12465 Warwick Boulevard  •  Newport News, VA 23606  •  Phone: (757) 591-4500

Accountability at NNPS

Accountability at NNPS

We strive to provide accurate and timely resources to support our division's achievement goals and objectives for our schools. Our goal is to support teachers and school administrators as they use data and technology to prepare students for 21st Century learning. We are excited about our various collaborative projects that continue to enhance our research and innovation.

Academic Support &
Student Information

Provides timely analysis, application development, implementation, maintenance and support for the Student Information System (SIS) as well as supporting other reporting.

State Testing

State Testing coordinates materials, scoring and reporting services, analysis, and the development of staff training for the school division’s state and national testing program.

Reporting & Central Records

State/Federal Reporting and Central Records prepares and validates reports for state and federal agencies and monitors compliance regarding proper student records management.


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