Required Registration Forms

For your convenience, complete registration documentation online, print and bring to school at time of registration. This process is required of all new students (or those re-enrolling after an absence from NNPS).

Other Related Forms

Federal Guidelines for Reporting Ethnicity and Race Data

The U.S. Department of Education requires all states to collect information on the race and ethnicity of public school students. The federal government has developed a new way to report ethnicity and race that includes new categories. The changes should provide a more accurate picture of the nation’s ethnic and racial diversity. Beginning in the 2009-2010 school year, families of all students will be asked to fill out a brief form to update the reporting of their children’s ethnicity and race. More information and forms

Registration Information

To help ensure that schools and students are well prepared for the first day of school, parents are encouraged to register their child or children at their zone school as soon as possible. Doing so helps our schools and teachers be equipped and ready to make each student's first day pleasant and productive.

  • Entering kindergarten: Children who are five by September 30 are eligible to enter kindergarten that school year. Parents of younger children can find resources through the NNPS early childhood program, please call (757) 283-7788, x.12183.

  • A child who will be six years old on or before September 30 must attend school.

  • To determine which school your child will attend, use the NNPS School Zone Finder. Enter your address, and the finder will provide the names of the elementary, middle, and high schools assigned to each home in the city. You may also call (757) 591-4502 to find out which school serves your neighborhood.

  • You will need to register your child at the school he or she will attend.

  • Families living outside the City of Newport News may apply to enroll their child(ren) on a tuition basis. Please contact NNPS Business Department at 757-591-4511 for enrollment of nonresident students.

  • For more information about Virginia School Entrance Laws, please visit the Virginia Department of Education web site.

Registration Requirements

Immunization Records

No pupil shall be admitted by a school in the Commonwealth unless at the time of admission the student or his parent or guardian submits documentary proof of immunization to the admitting official of the school. (Section 22.1-271.2 of the Code of Virginia)

Parents should bring the following information to the school the child will be attending. Two measles shots (frequently two MMRs) are required for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The Hepatitis B three-shot series is required by Virginia State Law for all students born on or after 1/1/94. Also, students entering 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade must have documentation of this series to receive their schedule. Please take this information to your child's middle school. If you have questions, please call the school nurse or Health Services at 757-591-4646. (Please note that Newport News Public Schools no longer requires a tuberculin skin test.)

Certified Birth Certificate

No pupil shall be admitted for the first time to any public school in any school division in this Commonwealth unless the person enrolling the pupil shall present, upon admission, a certified copy of the pupil's birth record (Section 22.1-3.1 of the Code of Virginia).

If birth certificate is not available, you must complete an AFFIDAVIT: ABSENCE OF CERTIFIED BIRTH CERTIFICATE FORM.

Proof of Legal Residence

Students will be admitted to school based on their legal residence (Section 22.1-3.2 of the Code of Virginia). If you do not have the required proof of residence, contact the child’s school for further instruction.

Items accepted as proof of residence:

  • Lease/Contract/Mortgage on legal residence
  • Current utility bills - Must show name, current date and address (i.e., electric, gas, water, sanitation)

Documentation NOT ACCEPTED:

  • Drivers License
  • Personal Checks

The minor child of a legal resident of the city of Newport News is a resident student, eligible to attend a school in the designated zone of his/her natural parent(s), or legal guardian, tuition free. Any child living with an adult other than his/her natural parent(s) or legal guardian must file a Legal Affidavit with the Intake Office within the Juvenile & Domestic Courts (Section 22.1-3 of the Code of Virginia).

Physical Examination: K-5

Students admitted for the first time to any NNPS (Pre K through grade 5), are required to provide a comprehensive physical examination, signed by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner, and performed within twelve months of the initial enrollment date.

For students transferring into Newport News Public Schools K-5, a copy of a physical examination in their cumulative record which meets the above requirements will be accepted. Virginia School Entrance Health Form

Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

A copy must be provided if a student is receiving special educational services.

Proof of Academic Achievement

Parents must present the latest report card (if available) and the complete address of the previous school to allow Newport News Public Schools to obtain previous school records.