High School

NNPS has six high schools which serve students in ninth through twelfth grades:

Planning Bright Futures

Students attending high school in Newport News have many options for study as they to prepare for college and careers. Programs at the high school level develop both a strong foundation of general knowledge and skills and specialized competency in areas in which students have particular interests.

All Newport News high schools offer a comprehensive program to prepare students for work or further study at a college, university, or technical program. Courses are offered in English, social studies, math, science, foreign languages, fine arts, health and physical education, and many occupational specialties. All high schools offer advanced placement (AP) instruction and accelerated classes as well as a wide choice of athletics and other activities.

Academic Tech, a cooperative curriculum that integrates academic and technical education from grade nine through two years of post-secondary education, is offered at all high schools. The program emphasizes interpersonal skills, provides occupational training, and offers students flexible scheduling. Five Peninsula school divisions, Thomas Nelson Community College, New Horizons Technical Center, and the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce work together to coordinate the program's curriculum.

In addition to the comprehensive curriculum, students can apply to magnet or academy programs, which allow them to focus more intensely on their career and academic interests. Students must apply to magnet and academy programs. Transportation is provided to all programs.

The Freshman Experience

Ninth grade is an exciting yet difficult transition year for many students. A new school, greater independence, a changing social environment and other factors can work against the best intentions of students trying to succeed.

That’s why Newport News Public Schools has developed The Freshman Experience, a division-wide effort embracing a wide range of initiatives to provide ninth grade students with a rewarding and meaningful first year. The Freshman Experience ensures an easy transition into high school and provides ninth grade students with a strong foundation for success. Learn more about The Freshman Experience (pdf).