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Newport News Public Schools

12465 Warwick Boulevard  •  Newport News, VA 23606  •  Phone: (757) 591-4500

NN School Board

Newport News School Board

The Newport News School Board, comprised of seven elected members and one student representative, is the official policy-making body for the school division.

Jeff Stodghill Mr. Stodghill is an architect with PMA in Hilton Village. He is a product of Newport News Public Schools and is active in many community activities. Mr. Stodghill was elected to the School Board in 2010.
(757) 344-1433
    Carlton Ashby Mr. Ashby has taught kindergarten for 35 years in Newport News and Hampton. He is currently a preschool enrichment teacher and co-director of the Teen Leadership Academy at Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple. Mr. Ashby mentors children of all ages. He was elected to the School Board in 2006.
(757) 244-1715
Douglas Brown Mr. Brown is a statistical consultant to the federal government. A former educator, he is a product of public schools and has a passion for STEM education and athletics. He was elected to the School Board in May 2014.
(757) 750-0853 Douglas.Brown@nn.k12.va.us
    Everette Hicks, Sr., Chairman Mr. Hicks retired from the school division after 32 years having served as a teacher, coach and assistant principal. He was elected to the school board in May 2000.
(757) 247-7142
Gary Hunter Mr. Hunter is the Asst. Vice-President of Administration at Langley Federal Credit Union. He is a member of numerous community organizations and is a strong proponent of preparing students to be college and career-ready. He was elected to the School Board in May 2014.
(757) 833-7544
  Darian Scott Mr. Scott is an Air Force veteran and a product of Newport News Public Schools. Mr. Scott was elected to the School Board in May 2012.
(757) 768-1763
Shelly Simonds Ms. Simonds is a former educator and school PTA president. She was elected to the School Board in May 2012.
(757) 768-8267 Shelly.Simonds@nn.k12.va.us
  Aaliyah Meade Ms. Meade is the student representative to the School Board for the 2014-15 school year. She is a senior at Woodside High, and is a member of the Student Advisory Group on Education, WDHS varsity volleyball and cheerleading teams and the Peninsula Juniors Volleyball Club.

Clerk of the Board

You may contact Clerk of the Board Kim Hinton at (757) 591-7416 or by e-mail at kim.hinton@nn.k12.va.us.

Procedure for Citizens Addressing the School Board

The Newport News School Board conducts a regular meeting each month. The Board welcomes input from the public. Each regular meeting provides two opportunities for public comments from individuals addressing topics not appearing on the agenda. The first audience with the public, not to exceed 30 minutes, is at the beginning of the meeting following the opening ceremonies and Board recognitions and honors. The second opportunity to speak is toward the end of the meeting, following the Reports/Information section of the agenda.

Cards are available upon entering the meeting for individuals wishing to address the Board. They should fill out the card with name, address, and the topic on which they wish to speak, and return it to the agenda table. Individuals will be recognized by the School Board Chairman in the order the cards were received. Comments should be limited to a three-minute timeframe. A light system will display a green light when the speaker begins, a yellow light with 30 seconds remaining, and a red light to indicate the end of the three minutes. The Chairman will rule on such matters as the appropriateness of the subject being presented and the suitability of the time for such a presentation.


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