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Exciting things are happening in Newport News Public Schools each and every day! Learn how we are preparing our students to be college, career and citizen-ready and more about our innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Learn more about Community Relations at NNPS.

March 18, 2015NNPS Board-Approved Calendars for 2015-2016
March 13, 2015Teachers Awarded Mini Grants
March 10, 2015NNPS proposed calendars for 2015-16
March 5, 20152 hour delay for Friday, March 6
March 5, 2015NNPS schools and offices to close 1.5 hours early Thursday
March 4, 2015All After School Activities Canceled for March 5; Schools May Dismiss Early
March 4, 2015FY2016 Superintendent's Proposed Budget
March 2, 2015Make-up schedule for snow days
March 1, 2015All Newport News Public Schools and offices are operating on normal schedules Monday, March 2.
February 26, 2015All NNPS schools and offices are closed Friday, Feb. 27
February 26, 2015Middle School Volleyball Tournament Revised Schedule
February 26, 2015NNPS Wellness Expo postponed
February 25, 2015All NNPS schools and offices are closed Thursday, February 26.
February 25, 2015Saturday's Megagenesis program cancelled
February 24, 2015All NNPS schools and offices are closed Wednesday, February 25.
February 22, 2015NNPS on two-hour delay for Monday, Feb. 23
February 20, 2015Closings and Cancellations
February 20, 2015Saturday Academy, scheduled for February 21, is cancelled due to road conditions.
February 19, 2015All NN schools and offices are closed on Friday, February 20.
February 19, 2015UPDATE: All students and employees (10, 11 and 12-month) are NOT to report on Thursday, Feb. 19
February 18, 2015Students, 10 & 11 month employees do not report on Thursday, Feb. 19
February 17, 2015NNPS closed due to road conditions on Wednesday
February 17, 2015School Board meeting cancelled due to weather
February 16, 2015Monday basketball tournament game postponed
February 16, 2015NNPS closed due to weather on Feb. 17
February 10, 2015New Process for Material Distribution Requests
January 30, 2015Public review of new instructional material for adoption
January 26, 2015All Newport News schools and offices are operating on normal schedules.
January 26, 2015Annual City Science, Engineering & Technology Fair Winners
January 23, 2015NNPS earns STEM award for teacher education program
January 21, 2015NNPS website scheduled maintenance Jan. 21
January 7, 2015Notice concerning cold temperatures in our area
January 6, 2015Cafeteria team members honored with Best Cafeteria Awards
January 5, 2015NNPS recognized for support of Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
January 5, 2015Work of NNPS Educators Featured in Knowledge Quest
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