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12465 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23606  Phone: (757) 591-4500



Human Resources: Staff Directory

Dept. Phone:
Dept. Fax:

Workers' Comp./FMLA Fax:
12507 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 881-5061
 (Press Option 9 and enter the 5-digit extension listed below)
(804) 622-3562
(804) 622-3561
Human Resources Supervisor Stephanie Hautz x. 11100
Human Resources Secretary Sarita Jarmon x. 11100  
Staffing, Contracts, Compensation,
Job Descriptions
Leslie Marble
LaTanja Riley-Hedgepeth, ECC & Elementary
Debbie Richardson, Secondary
Jennifer Elsasser, Support Staff
x. 11104
x. 11108
x. 11107
x. 11145
Human Resource Technicians Andrea Kornegay, Support Staff & Drug Screenings
Alvin Wilson, Instructional & Long-Term Substitutes
x. 11110
x. 11111
Retirement and Employee Benefits JoAnn Armstrong
Catrice Rothe
Jennifer Bailey
Stephanie Bland
x. 11112
x. 11116
x. 11114
x. 11102
Benefits Technician Rachel Stover x. 11139
FMLA Technician Nikia Belizaire x. 11226
Licensure James Blizzard x. 11128
ID Badges, Fingerprinting Lacey Monroe
Sarita Jarmon
Employee Relations, Investigations Nina Farrish
Camara Jacobs
x. 11138
x. 11105
Employee Relations Specialist Jolona Oliver x. 11146
For AESOP/SAMS related issues and questions please contact Source4Teachers, jcooper@source4teachers.com or (757) 952-1845.

Central Records: Staff Directory

Dept. Direct Dial:
Individual Extension Dial:
Dept. Fax:

(757) 591-4537
(757) 283-7879  (Press Option 9 and enter the 5-digit extension listed below)
(757) 591-9226
Transcripts/Student Records
Records Manager Penny Norton x. 10228
Records Management Specialist II Melissa Goodrich x. 10258
Records Management Specialist I Karen Carvell x. 10257
Records Management Specialist I Melissa Hawks x. 10272

Phone Option Directory

Dial (757) 881-5061 then the option number.

Option: Name:
0 Operator
2 Employment Verification
3 Payroll
4 Benefits and Retirement Services
5 Licensure
6 Fingerprinting and Drug Screening
7 Workers' Compensation
8 Substitute Teacher System