Human Resources Directory

Telephone: (757) 881-5061
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Fax: (757) 597-2967

FMLA Fax: (757) 643-7405

Employment Verification: Contact the Payroll Department at (757) 283-7811 Option 2, or fax request to (757) 597-2966.

Phone Options:
0 - Operator
2 - Employment Verification
3 - Payroll
4 - Benefits and Retirement Services
5 - Licensure
6 - Fingerprinting and Drug Screening
7 - Worker's Compensation
8 - Substitute Teacher System
9 - Dial extension if known

Area Staff
HR Director x.11100, Stephanie Hautz
Employment, Contracts, Compensation, Job Descriptions,Transfers, Personnel Changes, Licensure, Substitute Teachers x.11104, Leslie Rogers, Employment Supervisor
x.11108, LaTanja Riley-Hedgepeth, ECC & Elementary Instructional
x.11107, Amanda Corbin-Staton, Secondary Instructional
x.11145, Tawane Hill, Support Staff
x.11111, Alvin Wilson, Substitute Teachers
x.11128, James Blizzard, Licensure
Human Resource Technicians x.11110, Andrea Kornegay, Support Staff, Drug Screenings & Fingerprinting
x.11134, Nikia Belizaire, Secondary Instructional, Fingerprinting
x.11109, Teri Calhoun, Elementary Instructional, Fingerprinting
x.11144, Karen Daniels, Substitute Teachers, Fingerprinting
Human Resource Assistant x.11100, Jacqueline Jones, Employment Verfications & ID Badges
Employee Benefits, Wellness, Retirement, Compensation x.11112, JoAnn Armstrong, Compensation & Benefits Supervisor
x.11116, Catrice Rothe, Wellness, Compensation, Health Insurance
x.11102, Stephanie Bland, Retirement Counseling & Retiree Health Insurance
x.11114, Sharon Nickens, Retirement Counseling & Active Health Insurance
Benefits Technicians x.11139, Rachel Stover, Life Events & Death Claims
x.11226, Jessica Barnett, FMLA
Employee Relations x.11138, Nina Farrish, Employee Relations Supervisor
Employee Development, Investigations x.11105, Camara Jacobs, Employee Relations Coordinator
x.11143, Deborah Richardson, Training & Development Coordinator
x.11146, Jolona Oliver, Employee Relations Specialist
Substitute Teaching Please visit the SubCenter website.

Central Records Directory

Area Staff
Department Direct Dial (757) 591-4537
Individual Extension Dial: (757) 283-7879
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Department Fax (757) 591-9226
Transcripts Transcripts/Student Records
Records Manager x.10228, Penny Norton
Records Management Specialist II x.10258, Melissa Goodrich
Records Management Specialist I x.10257, Karen Carvell
Records Management Specialist I x.10272, Melissa Hawks