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12465 Warwick Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23606  Phone: (757) 591-4500

Alumni & Class Reunion Information

Alumni & Reunion Information

Find your old friends!
Are you planning a school reunion? Do you know of a web page dedicated to a Newport News school that is now closed (i.e., Ferguson, Huntington, Newport News High Schools)? Are you a class representative or contact person?

Let us know and we'll post your link. E-mail your information; please include the following information:

  • Name (who to contact for class information)
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • School and graduating class year
  • Reunion or class web site link

Carver High School


1956 - Contact Alberta Williams Reid, (757) 826-1868 or aried2378@aol.com.

1961 - Contact Geraldine Henton Cary, (757) 874-5176.

1962 - Contact Donna Banks Scott, (757) 247-6814 or apiee4u@aol.com.

1965 - Contact Mavis Riddick Dixon, (757)-591-7408 or 879-3924 or TrusteeDixon1@aol.com.

1969 - Contact Deborah Thornton, (757) 838-2840 or Zelda Frazier, (757)851-6176.

1970 - Contact Sandra Davis-Clinton, (757) 877-5124; Paul Jones, (757)826-7749; or Wanda Hall-Tynes, (757) 826-2641. For DC area: Pinky Vines-Anderson, (301) 505-0525.

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Denbigh High School

Denbigh High School Class of 1970: Thomas N. Southard, Reunion Committee Chair, can be reached atthomasnsouthard@gmail.com or 703-447-8182. Visit the Web site at www.denbighreunions.com/70/

Denbigh High School Class of 1977 meets every year on the 1st Sunday in May for a picnic. Visit our website at http://www.denbighreunions.com/77 for more information.

Denbigh High School Class of 1978: Please contact Tommy Wheat at toyotaguyus@yahoo.com, 757-342-1113 for info regarding Denbigh H.S. Class of '78. Also check out www.denbighreunions.com/78 or Milissa Nicholls (Missy) at missylou4@myspace.com.

Denbigh High School Class of 1979: Members of the DHS Class of 1979 can subscribe to a group listing and post messages at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DenbighHigh1979/ or go to facebook.com for the Denbigh Alumni page.

Denbigh High School Class of 1985: For information about the Denbigh High School Class of 1985 reunion, please visit the class website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DenbighPatriots1985. For more information, please contact Stephanie Andrews Shipman at sashipman@adelphia.net.

Denbigh High School Class of 1988: Michelle (Gibson) Power runs a mailing list for members of the class of 1988. To join, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Denbigh88.

Denbigh High School Class of 1989: Mike Brenkman has created a yahoo group for '89 alumni,and all others to post and keep in touch. Please see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dhsclassof89 for more information. You may contact Mike Brenkman at (317)392-7907 or dalebud8fan1970@yahoo.com

Denbigh High School Class of 1994: Contact LaTonya (Harris) Hudson at lthudson@cox.net or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/denbigh1994. Also visit http://www.denbighreunions.com.

Denbigh High School Class of 1995: A Yahoo group has been created for the class of ’95 alumni. It can be found by going to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DHS1995

Denbigh High School Class of 1996: There is a Yahoo group for '96 alumni, to post and keep in touch. Please see https://www.facebook.com/groups/Denbigh1996/ for more information.

Denbigh High School Class of 1997: There is a Yahoo group for '97 alumni, to post and keep in touch. Please see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dhs1997 for more information.

Denbigh High School Class of 1998: DHS Class of 1998 Yahoo group is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DHSClassof1998.

Denbigh High School Class of 1999: DHS Class of '99 has a web page for alumni to join for distributing information about the reunion as well as creating profiles for everyone to post and keep in touch. We are now in the early stages of planning the reunion and need everyone's contact information. Please see http://www.classcreator.com/Newport-News-VA-Denbigh-1999 to join and add your contact info. You may contact Jeremy McLean at jeremy.m.mclean@gmail.com with any questions.


Denbigh Alumni web sites: http://www.alumniclass.com/denbigh or http://www.denbighreunions.com

1970 - Contact Melody Lombardo, mblombardo@worldnet.att.net.

1971 - Denbigh1971@aol.com or call (760) 585-5197. Dave Hill anchordetail@earthlink.net or call 301-855-7007. 
Class of 1971 website

1972 - Contact Beverly Hoercher, bebbie7@cox.net or Susan Ramsey Mansfield at susmans30@aol.com or call (757) 478-4581.

1975, 1976 - Contact ('75) Debbie Lynn Cotrupi, (757)874-7774 or dalc1@home.com; ('76) Aubrina Schryer, (757)380-6680 or DHS7576REUNION@aol.com.

1977 - Contact Susie Butler at DHSCLASSOF77@GMAIL.COM, call (757)714-1958.

1979 - Darrell Stewart danupe5@aol.com - 443-413-0725; Beth Myers bethmyerbaldwin@cs.com - 540-798-6957; or Tina Kallestad tina.bridges.ctr@navy.mil - 757-724-7200. Or go to facebook.com for the Denbigh High Alumni page.

1981 - Contact First Class Reunions, 888-327-1984 or Janie McMillan Tross, jtross@ci.newport-news.va.us or Stacie Gatz atstacme@cox.net.

1982 - Contact Terri Davis, (757)874-3968.

1986 - Adam Shipman is seeking contact info. for members of the DHS class of 1986 For more information, call (703)404-9079, e-mail adambshipman@yahoo.com, or join the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DenbighPatriots1986
- Donna (Waldron) Barcus seeks information about a reunion and is interested in contacting old classmates. Contact Donna at (757)595-2327 or (757)739-2262 or e-mail mommyplusfive@msn.com

1987 - For reunion details, check out the group page created at http://www.DenbighReunions.com/87. Please go to the group page to add or update your contact information.

1990 - Contact Taylor Reunion Services, 800-677-7800 or reunions@taylorpub.com.
Contact Veronda L. Rooks at abeauti4u2c@yahoo.com or nsuqt96@yahoo.com or 757-245-0649.

1992 - Contact Kim Carter, Chairperson, email Classof92DHS@hotmail.com; Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/Denbigh1992/.

1994 - Contact LaTonya (Harris) Hudson at lthudson@cox.net or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/denbigh1994.

1996 - Contact Tiffany Morant at livnletgod1@gmail.com. Facebook: Search Denbigh HS Class of 96 Reunion or Tiffany Lee-Morant.

1999 - Contact Jeremy McLean at jeremy.m.mclean@gmail.com

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Ferguson High School

Ferguson High School Class of 1964: Seeking current reunion information for Class of 1964. If there is anyone who knows, please e-mail Joanne Rowe Hurst at hurstjo@juno.com.

Ferguson High School Class of 1966: John "Terry" Wisor would like to hear of any reunion plans. Email him at khrappom@atlanticbb.net.

Ferguson High School Class of 1967: Class of 1967 information: Carol (White) Richardson, 877-0836 or quiltva@aol.com; Terry or Betsy (Sherman) Wolak, 595-3261 or twolak3261@rcn.com.

Ferguson High School Class of 1968: Linda Sue Smith (Brower) welcomes information on reunions, classmates, web sites and/or e-mail addresses, and what happened to Ferguson High. 5507 Briarbend, Houston, TX 77096, e-mail susieq1996@sbcglobal.net, or phone (713)723-5686.

Ferguson High School class of 1969: Contact Lee Atkins at leedana@cox.net.

Ferguson High School Class of 1974: Susan J. Brennan seeks information about a reunion and is interested in contacting old classmates. Contact Susan at 16 Pin Oak Dr., Atco, New Jersey 08004 or e-mail CountryJazzSJ@aol.com. Gaye (Carrithers) Bruce seeks information about a reunion and is interested in contacting old classmates. Contact Gaye at GCBruce@aol.com

Ferguson High School Class of 1982: Seeking current reunion information for Class of 1982. If there is anyone who knows, please e-mail Crissy at cbowens@vdh.state.va.us.

Ferguson High School Class of 1985: Trying to locate classmates and find information on planned class reunions. E-mail AndiMiller2004@yahoo.com. Contact Kevin Washington at Chefkev37@msn.com or 757 310 2445.

Ferguson High School Class of 1986: The reunion committee is looking for all graduates in preparation for their 30th year class reunion. Please contact Carl Chandler at (757) 713-8746 or email carl.chandler@nn.k12.va.us, Maureen Jackson at (757) 544-7711 or email maureen.jackson@nn.k12.va.us or Pam Mayo Woodhouse at (757) 291-9877. We are in the planning stages for the reunion being held late summer/ early fall 2016.

Ferguson High School Class of 1987: Looking for 1987 Ferguson HS Graduates. Please contact Robin Connor Roebuck at 365-4793 or email rconnerdq@yahoo.com, or Tina Fuller Hammer at (919)460-8975 or email tinalhammer@yahoo.com.

Ferguson High School Class of 1991: Class email address fhs91mariners@gmail.com. The class has a facebook page where many of the classmates re-connect and keep in touch.

Ferguson High School Class of 1990: Contact Les Carrithers at ecufl@yahoo.com.

Ferguson High School Alumni: Kysii Ingram (Class of 1990) has created a web site dedicated to Ferguson High Alumni, where groups can meet and post their reunion dates, etc.


1968 - Contact Judy Heath Barlow at jbrb409@bellsouth.net or (904) 819-9022 or Vicki Miles Hauser at vmhauser@cox.net

1970 - Contact Jay Hatten, (757)591-8742.

1971 - Contact Paige Stallard Taylor at egiap1954@cox.net or call 426-1845

1972 (and Junior Class of 1971) - Contact Paige (Stallard) Taylor at (757)426-1845 (home) or e-mail egiap1954@cox.net.

1978 - Contact Cathlyn Simpson McPoland, (757) 218-9080, or e-mail Aprilfoolgirl60@gmail.com.

1980 - Contact Taylor Reunions, 800-296-3160.

1981 - Contact Kathleen McCarthy Ritenour, fhsmariners81@yahoo.com.

1983 - Contact Michael Bethea, email soulbrutha@bellsouth.net

1986 - Carl Chandler at 713-8746; Pamela Mayo at 223-0745 Maureen Jackson at 814-8309; Marva Humphrey at 713-5554; Terrell Brooks at 223-0037

1990 - Contact Elaine Cox, (757)591-0772; or Michael Blackwell, (757)887-0654.

1993 - Contact Adrienne Boisson, (757)989-1898, or e-mail adrienneboisson@att.net.

1992 - Contact Courtney Vaive Hayes, at (757)595-7786 or (757)357-0273 or email cchayes@sentara.com or hayescourtney@hotmail.com.

1996 - Contact Julie Blake Laws at 703-534-2397 or Bonnie Pancoast at 757-817-8409. Our webpages are http://home.comcast.net/~bpancoast/Ferguson.html and http://fhs1996reunion.blogspot.com

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Heritage High School

Heritage High School Alumni: C. Grace Bethea (Class of 1999) has created a web site dedicated to Heritage High Alumni. Visit the site at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Heritage1999. Subscribe to the group by emailing Heritage1999-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. You can also email Grace via email at gracebethea99@yahoo.com.

Heritage High School Class of 1997: For information regarding the upcoming Heritage High Class of 1997 reunion, please contact Dominique Green, 97 Senior Class President. The class has also set up a dedicated website: http://www.heritagehighalumni.org. Details of the 2007 Class reunion at the Kiln Creek Country Club are also there.


2000 - Contact Lindell Toombs, Jr., Class President, at lindell.toombs@gmail.com

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Huntington High School

Huntington Alumni Association: Meets 2nd Tuesdays, 7 p.m. @ Boys & Girls Club of Greater Hampton Roads, 623 Hampton Ave., NN. Membership: $25/year or $125/life. Contact (757) 245-6081 for information.

Huntington High School Class of 1968: Please send your updated information, including e-mail address, to Jannie Bazemore at Jusblondell6@aol.com, or contact by phone at (757) 407-6226.  If you are in contact with any classmates, ask them to update their information.


1950 - Contact Harry, (757) 827-6689.

1951 - Contact Ernestine Brown at 838-1544 or Howard Manly at (757)877-3330.

1960 - Contact Hallie, Halimok1@aol.com; or Joyce, MABooPont@aol.com or (757) 826-3914.

1962 - Contact (757)723-0701 or email lawtons@pilot.infi.net.

1963 - Contact Portia Woodley, 757-827-7116, Violet W. Thomas, 757-838-3172, Patricia P. Taylor, 599-3934, or e-mail hhsclassof63@hotmail.com.

1966 - Contact Joyce Roddy Boisson, (757)989-1898 or emailjboisson@cox.net.

1968 - Contact Jannie Bazemore at Jusblondell6@aol.com or ( 757) 407-6226.

1969 - Contact Donald Ray Johnson, (757)596-3584 or emaildray69Viking@aol.com.

1971 - Contact Gloria Moses (757) 877-1035 or David Johnson at (757) 826-6278.

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Menchville High School

Menchville High School Class of 1996: MHS Class of 1996 20th Reunion Celebration will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016 on the Spirit of Norfolk. Click here to purchase tickets. The MHS Class of 1996 Facebook Group page is  https://www.facebook.com/groups/64774816935/. For class information, contact Candace Bazemore at 404-931-4702 or menchville1996@gmail.com.

Menchville High School Class of 1994: Contact Gerald Howell at howellgerald@gmail.com for reunion info. A Facebook group has also been created to communite with everyone at https://www.facebook.com/groups/38990900697/.

Menchville High School Class of 1980: Join the Facebook group at Menchville Highschool 1980.

Menchville High School Alumni Web Site: This web site is maintained by Menchville Alumni and was designed for classmates, neighbors, friends, and relatives from Menchville High School. Visit the site at http://menchville.projectalumni.org/menchville.


1972 - Contact Beverly Hoercher, (757) 358-2495, bebbie7@cox.net

1977 - Contact reunion planning committee members at menchvilleclass77@yahoo.com

1980 - Contact 804-925-3576 to leave a voice message or email Menchville20@hotmail.com

1981 - Contact Paul Daspit, (757)864-5481 or (757)766-5647.

1982 - Contact Veronica Weymouth at (757)595-7274 or email mhs1982classreunion@cox.net or Deborah Strader (Mitchell) at deborah.kathryn@gmail.com.

1984 - Class members are encouraged to check the reunion web site: http://menchville1984.multiply.com/ for updates.

1985 - Contact: Kimberly Wyckoff (Valentine) at (757) 595-3595 or email office@mlmevents.net.

1986 - Visit our website

1989 - Email mhsmonarchs1989@yahoo.com or contact Amelia L. Hunt at Amelia.Hunt@nn.k12.va.us. You may also join the Facebook group for the class.

1990 - Contact Carmen, (757)596-3611; or Courtney, (757)245-5147.

1991 - Contact Class President Jonathan Bennett at JBennett72@gmail.com or 703-509-7547.

1992 - Contact Maricar Hutchinson at marychutchinson@yahoo.com, call First Class Reunions at 1-888-327-1984, or email reunions@fcreunions.com.

1994 - Contact Gerald Howell at howellgerald@gmail.com

1995 - Contact Suzanne Lassiter Culotta at 757-344-6545

1996 - Contact Candace Bazemore at (404)931-4702 or email Menchville1996@gmail.com.

1997 - Contact Angela Jordan at love_marie48@hotmail.com or Keisha Dunn at keisha.dunn@gmail.com

1998 - Contact Ariane Gills at arianegills@aol.com or (434) 907-4906

2005 - Contact Ciera Davidson or Katie Williams at at cieraddavidson@gmail.com or menchvillereunion05@gmail.com or visit our reunion website at http://mhs2005.simpletix.com.

2007 - Contact LaRae Johnson at Johnson.larae@gmail.com or 757-236-0479.

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Newport News High School

Newport News High School Class of 1956: The 60-Year Reunion will be held on Wednesday, October 19 - Thursday, October 20, 2016 at the James River Country Club. Call 826-1111 for information..

Newport News High School Class of 1957: The Class of '57 meets at 6 p.m. the second Wednesday of each month at Angelo's Steak and Pancake House, 755 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard in Newport News. For more information, contact Nancy Spencer (757) 890-9966 or email Spencernnhs@wmconnect.com.

Newport News High School Class of 1958: NNHS alumnus who are interested in contact with the class of 1958 may contact Joe Drewry at jwdvt@aol.com.


1940 - Contact Mary Messic, (757)247-1714 or John Wise, (757)484-7406.

1941 & 1942 - Contact (757)220-8227.

1943 - Information: Bob Davis, (757)596-8252.

1945 - Call (757)930-8446 for info.

1946 - Contact Frances Murray White, (757)229-1361.

1948 - Contact June Burcher, (757)874-4117; or Audrey Campbell, (757)595-0198.

1950 - Contact Roberta Cardwell, (757)887-8006 or R.J.C.@netzero.net.

1951 - Contact Nancy Moore, (757)875-1033.

1952 - Contact Dorothy Collins Leggette, (757)245-6599.

1954 - Contact Mickey Marcella, (757)249-3800.

1955 - Contact Nancy (Bigger) Ellis, (757)599-3011 or Willard Weaver, (757) 596-1663, email: staff@nnhs55.com; visit http://www.nnhs55.com/.

1956 - Contact Judy Leggette Elliott at (757) 868-1111.

1959 - Contact Renee Helterbran Benton at (804) 642-6257

1960 - Contact Karen Weinstein Witte, (813)991-6669 or kwitte@tampabay.rr.com.

1961 - Contact Gary Fitzgerald, (757)879-28479 or fitz43@cox.net .

1962 - Contact Brenda Amos Williams at typhoonmom@juno.com or Pat Floyd Pride at patnnhs@cox.net or Jimmy Parker at 757-595-6967.

1964 - Contact Dave Spriggs at (757) 627-1441; e-mail: nnhs64@cox.net ; visit http://www.nnhs65.com.

1965 - Contact H.P. Lucas, (757)898-3164; Pauline Shofner, (757)595-7646; or Ron Smith, (757)886-2038. NNHS Class of 65 home page: http://www.nnhs65.com/ - with expanded coverage for the Classes of 1955 to 1972

1966 - Contact John Howard, (757)887-1326, Anita Morgan Becker, (757)888-8109.

1967 - Contact Wanda at (757)867-9070 or Melissa at (757)874-0094 or visit www.classmates.com.

1970 - Contact Carol Comer Cutler at (757)715-3387 or CA23comerww@aol.com or visit www.NNHS1970Reunion.myevent.com.

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Point Option

Point Option, Class of 1975: Contact Carey Yarbrough at careywynn@hotmail.com. Join group at pointoption-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

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Warwick High School

Warwick High School Class of 1966. We are planning our 50th Reunion for May 13-14, 2016. Please contact Contact Hope (Tatum) Perdue at (757) 969-1395 or Hope18@cox.net for more information.

Warwick High School Class of 1979: Seeking updated information for all classmates. Please e-mail updated information to whsreunion79@yahoo.com or you may contact any one of the following: Beverly Price Goodman at 757-927-6148 or bgoodman10@cox.net, Robbi Trent-Everette at 757-725-2531, or Becki Smith Miller at 804-693-9726 or beckimiller@cox.net.

Warwick High School Joint Class Reunion Class Of 1981 & 1982: We are planning the reunion for July 15-17, 2016 at the Crown Plaza Hampton-Marina, 700 Settlers Landing Road, Hampton, VA, 23669. Contact Class of 1981-Shirley Whitfield Smith at Crimsonalert31@Gmail.Com or Class of 1982 -Debbie Letzingr Sutton at Debletz1@Aol.Com.


1952 - Contact Dreama Gentilini Burns, (757)877-0482.

1955 - Contact Margaret Johnson Colvin, (757) 989-0767.

1956 - Contact Betty McLean Schwartzkopf, (757)877-6223.

1960 - Contact Jay and Nora Ann Lambiotte, (757)886-0053, jlambj@cox.net or Carter Ficklen, (757)874-9475, cficklen@yahoo.com

1961 - Contact Karrin Williams Frankie, 872-0690 & Mary Faulkner Kurowski, 596-3422

1962 - Contact Nancy Dobson Hewitt, cnhewitt1@aol.com.

1965 - Contact Alice Young Collier, (757)596-0961; or Donna Davis Taylor, (804) 642-3340

1966 - Contact Hope (Tatum) Perdue at (757)969-1395 or Hope18@cox.net.

1968 - Contact George Hill at GHillJr@cox.net with your contact information and that of any other class member.

1969 - Contact Carol Moss Preston, (757)882-8939 or bzebalnut@cox.net

1973 - Contact Deborah Casey Sinclair, (757)928-0420 with any information of a reunion.

1975 - Contact Cheeco, (757)928-0420; or Karen, (757)245-1939

1978 - Contact Joy S. Hayes at sjsd@cox.net, Kyra Kimmeth at kkimmeth@cox.net, or Carolyn J. Valentine at the WHS office (757) 591-4700.

1979 - Contact Beverly Price Goodman at 757-927-6148 or bgoodman10@cox.net, Robbi Trent-Everette at 757-725-2531or rever005@odu.edu or whsreunion79@yahoo.com. Or try Becki Smith Miller at 804-693-9726 or beckimiller@cox.net.

1980 - Contact Debbie Overman, (757)988-0874 or whs1980@cox.net or visit http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45664937495

1981 - Contact Cynthia Peterson Earl at (757) 595-5984; or Jennifer Williams Evans at (757) 503-2189 or jayevv@gmail.com.

1983 - Tracey White Carpenter (Chairperson), t_carpenter13@yahoo.com or 757-927-4044 or Shelley Carpenter Harrelson (Co-Chairperson), shelleychair@aol.com or by phone 757-358-4801.

1984 - Contact Anne Roberts at nevadeva@gmail.com.

1986 - Contact Anesa Patton at anesa.patton@nn.k12.va.us or (757)329-0108

1987 - Contact Chris Stuart at chrisstuart@topguardinc.com or (757)592-2308

1989 - Contact Tonya Reaves Wooden at tonwoo@aol.com or (757)768-9826

1998 - Contact Tiffany Nightengale at tiffanynightengale@yahoo.com

1999 - Contact Ron Chapman, Jr., Class President, at ronlchapman@yahoo.com or visit http://www.classcreator.com/Newport-News-VA-Warwick-1999

2003 - Contact Keyona Grant at Keyona.Grant@gmail.com.

2005 - Contact Amanda Bowles at amandabowles05@yahoo.com.

2007 - Contact Jacquelyn 'Jackie' Thomas at jacquelynthomas428@gmail.com or 757-358-0201.

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Woodside High School


1998 - Carmen Tucker at (410) 391-5763 or email wediditfirst@gmail.com or visit http://www.myspace.com/woodsideclassof1998.

1999 - Janeen Fortune at janeen_fortune@hotmail.com. Visit our FaceBook website: Woodside High School Class of 1999 or the MySpace website: http://www.myspace.com/woodsideclassof1999

2001 - Glenda Oakley, Class of 2001 President at woodsidereunion2001@yahoo.com.

2002 - Tiffany Tillerson, 2002 Class President, Woodside High School Class of 2002, Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Woodside-High-School-Class-of-2002-Reunion-Page/165023940232371


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