Elementary Science at NNPS

Elementary Science at NNPS

Elementary Science Instruction

Teaching a Science Lession with Fidelity: Experiences, Scaffolds, Explicit TeachingThe NNPS Elementary Science curriculum is designed for students to have multiple hands-on experiences with inquiry and experimentation. Science instruction is essential in kindergarten through 5th grade as students learn formative skills, new concepts, and vocabulary, interact within their environment, and conserve and live with the natural world. With each new addition of standards, our curriculum is updated, revised, and adjusted to meet the new standards and expectations of rigor and experiences for students. The science curriculum has a thematic progression for learning about our natural world:

  • Kindergarten - Using my senses to understand my world
  • 1st Grade - How I interact with my world
  • 2nd Grade - Change occurs all around us
  • 3rd Grade - Interactions in our world
  • 4th Grade - Our place in the solar system
  • 5th Grade - Transforming matter and energy

Virginia Dept. of Education

Daily lessons and investigations support students towards mastery of the grade level Science Standards of Learning (SOL) outlined by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE).

Each day in Newport News Public Schools the focus is on one mission: ensuring that all students graduate college, career and citizen-ready. NNPS students embody the NNPS Profile of a Learner and the Virginia Profile of a Graduate. Elementary students learn to be Leaders, Emotionally Intelligent, Academically Prepared, Resilient, iNnovators, Equity Minded, and Reflective.

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