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Professional Development Resources

Professional Development Calendar
Keep up to date with NNPS professional development events.

Development Opportunities for Employees
Professional development opportunities broken down by employee type.

Stepping Stones to Success
This guide for new teachers from the Virginia Dept. of Education is intended to provide practical tips and useful information for anyone new to the teaching profession. Beginning this journey can seem overwhelming, but taken a step at a time, it’s a journey that will offer more rewards than regrets, more excitement than tedium, and more victories than losses.

Best Teaching Practices Handbook
Our mission as educators in Newport News Public Schools is to assist every student in meeting their full potential, and the most powerful tool to achieve this mission is quality teaching.

Professional Development Plan
The Newport News School Board recognizes that the key to a successful educational program is a well- trained, competent staff dedicated to professional growth and continuous improvement. The School Board expects all employees to participate in activities that will expand their knowledge and increase their competency. Thus, the instructional staff members are challenged to develop professionally from competent to expert during their tenure in the school division.

Tuition Assistance
The school division is moving from reimbursement to assistance, which will provide new limits on the reimbursable amount for approved coursework and allow more employees to get funding. Licensed staff, educational support employees, and some provisionally licensed employees are eligible. Download tuition assistance policies, procedures and forms.

WHRO CII Interactive e-Newsletter
Interactive lists all of the PBS Teacherline course offerings, WHRO and C.I.I. events, and educational technology resources for educators. To ensure you have the latest version of Interactive, feel free to subscribe to the C.I.I. Updates listserv by clicking on the subscribe button located on the WHRO C.I.I. banner. Many of the courses offered through WHRO are either free of charge or available at a reduced price for NNPS employees.