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Employers for Learning Workshops

A key facet of the Employers for Learning Program are workshop presentations designed to help parents and other family members help children succeed in school.

These workshops are designed to be presented in the workplace by staff members authorized by their place of business. For example, companies can schedule a “Lunch ‘n Learn” or “Brown Bag” workshop so that staff members may eat lunch at the same time. Each workshop is outlined in a Powerpoint presentation that includes notes on the subject and a list of other helpful resources.

The workshops vary in length, but are designed to be presented in approximately 30 minutes or less, leaving time for questions if held during a lunch hour.

Companies that would prefer to have a representative from Newport News Public Schools conduct the workshop may call the Community Relations office at 591-4502 to schedule a workshop. There is no charge for this service.

Workshop topics include the following (linked to Powerpoint presentations you can use in your workshop; please right click on link and choose "Save Target (or Link) As" to save presentation to your computer). After saving to your computer, open the Powerpoint presentation and go to the “View” button on the top left hand side of the page. From there you can go to “Notes Page” to print the Powerpoint with notes for you as the presenter, or “Normal” for you to print as handouts for the audience.

Bully Prevention Parents of all age groups
Learning How to Work it Out Parents of elementary & middle school age
Peer Pressure Parents of middle & high school age
Family Rules Parents of pre-school and elementary age
Nutrition Workshop Parents of all age groups
SOL Readiness Parents of elementary age
ABC’s of School Success Parents of elementary & middle school age
Recipe for Homework Success Parents of all age groups