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Secondary English: Reading Interventions

Voyager Reading Journeys

Voyager Reading Journeys provides intensive instruction in comprehension and vocabulary for middle school students reading more than two years below grade level and is taught during one of the elective class periods. 

Students receive instruction in three categories:

  • Advanced Word Study focuses on affixes, sight words, multi-syllabic words, spelling, and fluency

  • Comprehension and Vocabulary skills and strategies are taught through high-interest text with opportunities for small groups and paired teams. 

  • Word Study provides teacher-led small group instruction for students needing extra practice in word attack skills.

Students work through fifteen 10-day Expeditions featuring topics of importance to adolescents.  Students also have access to a diverse classroom library and to online practice with Strategic Online Learning Opportunities (SOLO).    

There are three Benchmark assessments given each year which measure reading comprehension using a Lexile score.  A typical Lexile for a middle schools student is between 665–1100.  In the Voyager program, the student’s goal is to gain at least two Lexiles per week.  Students are also given fluency tests which measure reading rate, accuracy, and prosody.  Students are expected to read approximately 125 words per minute.

CSI – Comprehension Strategies Instruction

CSI – Comprehension Strategies Instruction provides instruction in comprehension strategies and improving vocabulary, fluency, and oral language.  CSI incorporates English language arts, math, science, and social studies literacy. 

Students learn comprehension strategies and improve their literacy achievement using short, grade-level texts, teacher scaffolding, peer interaction, and audiovisual support.  Students learn comprehension strategies by experiencing new concepts more than three times over a short period and through modeling and think-aloud, interaction, reflection, and application of concepts.

Comprehension Strategies Covered:

  • Making Connections
  • Asking Questions
  • Visualizing
  • Drawing Inferences
  • Determining Important Ideas
  • Synthesizing Information
  • Monitoring Comprehension and Repairing Understanding

SR English 9

The Strategic Reader Course contains an instructional framework specifically designed for 9th graders who read two or more levels below grade expectancy.  This course is based on the assumption that reading is a complex process involving cognitive interaction between the reader and the text and is supported through the 9th grade curriculum.  Providing students with a balance of reading and language arts activities in a daily 90 minute block, teachers support students as they bring meaning to text through reading strategies, real world connections, and critical thinking in a student-centered environment.