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Welcome and thank you for your support and participation of Megagenesis 2013.

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For the past 17 years, Newport News Public Schools, the Zeta Lambda Education Foundation, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. have cooperatively sponsored a one-day program that focuses on encouraging and preparing students to attend college.

The program is designed to assist with the development of highly motivated, goal-oriented students who are then likely to study harder, score higher, improve academic achievement and SOL scores.

MEGAGENESIS consists of four phases:

  1. a renowned motivational speaker
  2. college recruiters from over 50 colleges and universities
  3. corporate exhibits demonstrating uses of various college majors
  4. over 50 workshops conducted by professionals (e.g., doctors, engineers, etc.)

During the past 17 years an average of over 1,000 students have attended this one day event each year with the support of parents, community leaders, and state representatives. Many of the past attendees were introduced to professions and colleges, which have inspired their career and educational goal setting. Also, with the financial support of corporate sponsors, lunch is provided for parent and student participants.

All students in middle and high school, throughout the Hampton Roads Area are invited to attend. This program is beneficial to all students, especially students who have not decided on their future college choice or vocation. Parents, faculty and staff personnel are encouraged to attend and take advantage of this opportunity.

For further information, email the Program Coordinator, Valdimir D. Handy at valdimir.handy@gmail.com.

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