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Proposal for ECC and Elementary schedule

(February 15, 2013) - The current proposal is to adjust ECC and elementary school schedules by discontinuing the early Wednesday dismissal while allowing for daily planning time teachers. View presentation on Elementary and Early Childhood Daily Schedule Proposal.

The early childhood and elementary schedules have included an early Wednesday dismissal since 1992. The Wednesday schedule change was implemented to give teachers shared planning time. Parents were encouraged to use the early dismissal time as an opportunity to schedule doctors’ appointments and other arrangements to avoid missed class time. The Parks and Recreation Department and other youth serving agencies offered Wednesday programming to assist parents with childcare.

At the elementary school level, the proposal is to extend the daily resource class time (art, PE, music, and library) for students by about 10 minutes to give teachers time for planning. The elementary school leadership team is also exploring the addition of a fifth resource period for technology. The change in student reporting times will give students more instructional time and would put NNPS’ elementary school reporting hours in line with other area school districts. 

The proposal for ECC teachers would involve shortening the school day for students by 30 minutes to give teachers daily planning time at the end of each school day. Because the ECCs operate on their own transportation tier, the earlier dismissal time can be easily accommodated by the transportation team.

Elementary school students would yield an additional 90 hours of instructional time over the course of the school year. In addition, ECC and elementary teachers will have time each day for grade-level and subject-level lesson and instruction planning.

The proposed change will save the school district about $500,000 to $750,000 the first year because the transportation department will be able eliminate the 15 additional buses (and the 17 additional drivers) that are needed to accommodate the early Wednesday dismissal schedule. Additional drivers and buses are needed each Wednesday because the elementary dismissal time is close to the secondary dismissal time (and the same buses cannot be used).
Over time, savings will also be realized through fewer bus purchases and fuel use.  

All ECC and elementary teachers were invited to attend one of three focus groups meetings held the week of January 28 throughout the city to hear the proposal and garner feedback and suggestions. The proposal was presented at each session and feedback and suggestions were welcomed. The proposal was also shared with the PTA Council and at the February Employee Communications Forum.

The School Board will consider the proposal and is expected to vote on the ECC and elementary school schedule at its meeting on March 19.


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