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Menchville High School Earns $10,000 in Charitable Grants for the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank
Students Tackle Hunger Through Lead2Feed World Hunger Leadership Challenge

(05/26/2015) -Menchville High School will be awarded $10,000 for their participation in the third annual Lead2Feed World Hunger Leadership Challenge, the nation's leading and fastest growing free service learning program which aims to solve world hunger by teaching leadership skills to students.

Menchville students earned second place in the national challenge for their efforts to end local hunger. Homeroom classes served as teams and created individual class projects to assist in the school-wide goal of serving the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. The student teams helped spread awareness of local hunger challenges through posters, videos and public service announcements. ROTC students also volunteered at the Peninsula Foodbank and local P.O.R.T. service centers. Menchville students collected and donated over 5,200 non-perishable food items to the Peninsula Foodbank, including over 3,200 during a Thanksgiving Food Drive and nearly 700 items during concerts and athletic events.

In April, Menchville students also participated in a Canstruction event at Patrick Henry Mall which yielded a donation of 20,000 cans for the Peninsula Foodbank. During the event, students from local schools designed and built structures made of cans that related to the theme, "Back to the Future." Menchville's entry, designed by Michelle Wiatt's art class, was built using about 1,200 of the 5,100 cans students collected during the year. The Menchville team was awarded a trophy for the most cans collected and tied for second place for best structure.

During the 2014-2015 school year, Menchville's donations accounted for 25 percent of all cans donated to the Peninsula Foodbank.

The school will present the $10,000 award check from Lead2Feed and the Yum! Brands Foundation to the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank during a special ceremony at the school at 9 a.m. on Friday, May 29.

Since its inception in 2012, nearly one million students in 3,500 schools and clubs have participated in the challenge donating more than 22,000 volunteer hours and $1 million in meals to hungry families. Lead2Feed was developed by the USA Today Charitable Foundation, with support from Lift a Life Foundation and Yum! Brands Foundation.

"Inspiration is one of the many words that come to mind when I think of the hundreds of thousands of students finding ways to combat and understand world hunger in their local communities," said David Novak, executive chairman of Yum! Brands, Inc. "Lead2Feed provides the opportunity to teach the next generation of leaders how to lead the right way-with compassion and understanding-this program is making the world a better place for generations to come."

The Lead2Feed curriculum incorporates leadership principles from Novak's book, TAKING PEOPLE WITH YOU: The Only Way to Make BIG Things Happen. Students get hands-on experience with Novak's idea that the only way to make big things happen is to have other people on your side.

"We are very pleased to be awarding Menchville High School students for the admirable work they have accomplished in their communities through the Lead2Feed Program this year," said Diane Barrett, president of the USA TODAY Charitable Foundation. "After only one year in the Lead2Feed program, we are amazed to see the experiences this service-learning program has brought to students at Menchville. Not only are they actively learning but they are learning important skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity."