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Heritage students win national Seat Belts Save Challenge

(12/09/2015) -Heritage High School's SADD chapter won the spring 2015 Seat Belts Save Challenge for the highest seat belt use rate. Through an aggressive "buckle up" campaign, members of SADD, or Students Against Destructive Decisions, helped their peers achieve an 85% usage rate among the school's 1,300 students. The school earned a $1,500 prize.

The Seat Belts Save Challenge is a competition organized by the National Organizations for Youth Safety (NOYS) with support from The National Road Safety Foundation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Seat Belts Save Challenge is documented by an unannounced seat belt check before the campaign, followed by another unannounced check after the school's two-week education and awareness campaign.

The challenge was initiated to increase seat belt usage among young people who are at particular risk from death or injury in traffic crashes because of their low belt usage rate. Last year, more than half of teen drivers killed in crashes and more than 60% of teen passengers killed were not wearing seat belts.

NOYS and its partners invited high schools throughout the country to develop a local campaign to increase belt usage.