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Sedgefield participating in Smart Stormwater Schools Project
Students planted vegetation to help manage standing water.

(04/27/2017) -Sedgefield Elementary School students and volunteers planted over 100 plants and trees to help manage stormwater on school grounds on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 after school. As part of the Smart Stormwater Schools Project, the vegetation was planted near a newly created swell to help manage standing water on school grounds.

With assistance from the school division's sustainability and conservation specialist and other partners, students are learning about watersheds, native plants, pollinators, and have assisted with landscape design.

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, guidance from local Master Gardeners, and drainage swale work generously donated by Pembroke Construction, students and volunteers are embarking on the multiphase project that will divert water from the grounds near the school's learning cottages.

Newport News is one of five communities in the EPA's Mid-Atlantic Region receiving assistance under the Agency's "Making a Visible Difference in Communities" effort. The EPA is helping Newport News take steps to prevent flooding and control stormwater on school grounds - part of an overall effort by government agencies and other partners to address the city's revitalization needs.

The EPA Mid-Atlantic Region's Office of State and Watershed Partnerships engaged Newport News Public Schools and the City of Newport News in a Green School Grounds Initiative that focuses on using green infrastructure techniques to manage stormwater on school property. The effort is aimed at helping the city comply with stormwater requirements, protect water quality and promote environmental literacy and stewardship.

Sedgefield Elementary School is serving as a starting point for the initiative since the school's grounds are affected by localized flooding.

The Sedgefield Elementary School Smart Stormwater Schools Project was recently awarded an additional $60,000 by the Chesapeake Bay Trust through the Chesapeake Bay Green Streets-Green Jobs-Green Towns Grant Program. The funds will be used to install eco-friendly practices on school grounds that will allow students to increase their environmental literacy.