One NNPS high school and nine Career & Technical Ed teachers earn recognition in Financial Literacy Education

Posted: November 20, 2017

Woodside High School has been named 2016-2017 W!SE Blue Star School for its students' performance on the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification Test. The national certification test is given to high school students upon completion of the personal finance course. To earn the Blue Star designation, students attending the school must achieve an 80% pass rate on the test with either a majority of students at a given grade level taking the test or an average score of 85% or higher by students who take the test.

Nine NNPS career and technical education teachers also earned recognition for their students' successful performance on the Financial Literacy Certification Test. Lenise Cowling at Heritage High School; Adrienne Caldwell, Stephanie Gwaltney and Diane Zawadzki at Menchville High School; Kimberly Grant and Reginald Neely at Warwick High School; and Stephen Brown, Steven Jecewiz and Tina Shorter at Woodside High School are named W!SE Gold Star teachers.

To receive the Gold Star Award, a teacher must achieve a 93% pass rate on the W!SE Financial Literacy Certification test in at least one of their classes.

W!SE, or Working in Support of Education, is an organization dedicated to providing educational support services and building financial literacy.