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Hampton Roads superintendents speak out on school safety

(02/28/2018) - The leadership of school divisions throughout Hampton Roads have joined together to send a simple message to students and families: Threats, including social media threats, are dangerous and will not be tolerated.

Sadly, following national tragedies, such as the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, it is not uncommon for school divisions to see an increase in threats and rumors about threats. This has been the case for many divisions here in Hampton Roads.

In a joint letter to families from 13 of the local school divisions, area superintendents shared that students who make threats will not only be subject to school discipline, but also possible criminal charges. The divisions work closely with local police to take swift and immediate action when a threat is reported.

In the letter, the superintendents also shared tips for parents and families on how they can partner with schools to provide safe environments for students to learn and grow. These tips include being aware of your child's social media presence as well as stressing to children that threats are not taken lightly and bear serious consequences.

The letter has been shared with families across Hampton Roads. View superintendents' letter (pdf).