NNPS Protocols for National School Walkout Day

Posted: March 9, 2018

A national student protest against gun violence is planned for Wednesday, March 14. Student supporters of the National School Walkout intend to leave their classrooms and assemble outside at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes. Many NNPS students are supporting the effort through social media.

In keeping with our commitment to develop citizen-ready students, Newport News Public Schools recognizes our students' right to assemble and exhibit civic leadership. NNPS will neither encourage nor discourage student participation. School leadership teams have been asked to meet with student leaders to gauge interest, and if needed, to coordinate plans including the gathering location outside of the building.

On the day of the event, school staff will not impede student participation, but they will monitor student movement to ensure safety. School security officers and other staff members will provide additional coverage outside to supervise students during the time of the scheduled walkout. Only students and school staff will be permitted to participate in the student walkout on school property. Students are expected to return to classrooms after the 17-minute walkout. Students who do not return to class will be marked absent.

Class will continue for students who choose not to participate in the walkout.

Students will not face disciplinary action for participating in the walkout if their activities remain peaceful and orderly.

Student participation in events like this one are personal decisions. Parents and family members may wish to talk with their children about their support and/or involvement in this event.

As always, family members may direct questions to their school leadership team.