NNPS Career and Technical programs recognized for education exellence

Posted: July 10, 2018

The Governor's Health Sciences Academy at Warwick High School and the ASSIST Student Led Help Desk at the Heritage High School Governor's STEM Academy earned 2017-18 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Creating Excellence Awards. Presented by the Virginia Department of Education and the Virginia Community College System, the awards recognize excellence in CTE exemplary programs, advisory committees, and business and industry partnerships.

The Advanced Students Supporting Innovative Systematic Technology (ASSIST) Student Led Help Desk received the state award in the CTE Exemplary Program category. The students support the school's help desk by partnering with the computer technology support team to assist with repairs and maintenance, encourage peers to infuse technology into their projects and enrich the technology personality of the school. The program is open to juniors and seniors, and combines classroom learning with on-the-job experiences that relate directly to a student's career goals and interests. ASSIST students have also helped with the school-wide distribution of Chromebooks and created digital citizenship podcasts to promote a positive school culture that supports safe and responsible technology use. The program at Heritage served as the pilot for student-led help desks and has been successfully replicated at other schools.

The business partnership between the Riverside College of Health Careers and the Governor's Health Sciences Academy at Warwick High School earned the top recognition in the Secondary Business and Industry Partnership category. The partnership has provided students with opportunities for in-school and summer medical experiences, mentoring and volunteer opportunities. Staff from the Riverside College of Health Careers serves on the Health Sciences Academy's advisory committee to ensure that faculty and students are kept abreast of the ever-changing industry and the needs of the community. Riverside staff worked collaboratively with Health Sciences Academy teachers to write the curriculum and develop guides and instructional plans for courses. Mentors, guest speakers and field trips are provided to rising ninth-grade students through the summer Medical Explorers program. Clinical education staff from Riverside helped create the clinical labs taught in the Academy, which provide work-based learning experiences for students.