2019 All-City Science, Technology, and Engineering Fair Results

Posted: February 7, 2019

Over 300 students presented projects in more than 17 categories at the 38th Annual All-City Science, Engineering and Technology Fair, held at Heritage High School on January 26. Students participating in the Fair earned medals, monetary prizes, trophies, and other prizes for their work in science, engineering, and technology through problem solving, investigation, communication, and inquiry.

Twenty-one teams also participated in a STEM design challenge, in collaboration with PASCO. PASCO provides educators worldwide with innovative technology and solutions for teaching science.

STEM Design Challenge winning teams:

  • Booker T. Washington Middle School: David Ales, Charleigh Farrell
  • Woodside High School: Stephanie Tobias, Kiya Vanier, Olivia Blankenship

Science Fair: 17 categories at junior and senior levels with 1st, 2nd, 3rd places awarded

  • Rotary Club awarded five scholarships of $150.00 each.
  • NN Shipbuilding awarded medals to the three place winners in the two engineering categories.
  • Rebound Chiropractic and Dr. Joseph awarded three trophies in the medicine and health categories.
  • Jefferson Lab awarded book sets to physics winners.
  • HDR Inc. awarded Stockholm Water Prize to best project dealing with water.

38th Annual All-City Science, Engineering & Technology Fair Results

Animal Science

Jacob Steen - 1st MPMS
Natalie Nickel - 2nd DMS
Sarah Wright - 3rd GMS
Luke Wilson - 1st MHS
John Cho, Taylor Jury, Shelby Carroll - 2nd MHS
Cole Younger and Ben Long - 3rd MHS

Behavioral and Social Sciences

JaMarriae Lawrence - 1st DMS
Lily Kite - 2nd MPMS
Ella Sturgis - 3rd GMS
Nigel Adkins - HM CMS
Brooklyn Hunter - HM GMS
Brock Rash - HM MPMS
Emae Klompenhouwer - 1st MHS
Ashley Schwartz - 2nd HHS
Kathryn Nunez and Liliana Ramirez - 3rd MHS
Dakota Overman and Jenna Oest - HM HHS
Elizabeth Ellis - HM MHS


Atiana Williams - HM GMS
Naomi Buckle - HM GMS
Charlie Gaskell and Sean Connell - HM GMS
Amil Pulley and Morgan Franklin - 1st WSHS
DeLeigh Steele - 2nd HHS

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Anje Klompenhouwer - 1st GMS
Carley Weisenberger - 2nd MPMS
Anysha Audrey - HM MPMS
Alexandria Umfleet - HM MPMS
Isabelle Villarreal, Evan Isham, Delaney Willis - 1st MHS
Leah Riley - 2nd MHS
Aaron Nipp, Zach Kempf, Charlotte Acker - 3rd MHS


Claudia Lewis - 1st DMS
Nicholas Pearce - 2nd DMS
Wesley Tong and Nathan Rummel - 3rd WMS
D'Nasia Ponds and Leeasia Parrott - HM HTMS
Cornelius Kendrick - HM DMS
Jaydin Farrow - HM DMS
Joshua Stuck - 1st DHS
Alayna Sepulveda - 2nd DHS
Susannah Baker - HM WHS
Khe Sahn Tatem - HM WSHS

Computer Science

Michelle Hu - 1st DMS Rotary Scholarship
Evan Williams - 2nd GMS
Benjamin Larrieu - 3rd GMS
Charles Hu - 1st WSHS

Earth and Planetary Science

Colin Minter - 1st GMS
Joseph Fusica - 2nd DMS
Raiah Gilbert - 3rd MPMS
Cheyenne Stalter - HM GMS

Malachi Dowden and Kiara Wood - 3rd WSHS
Anya Shah - HM WHS

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Receive the NN Shipbuilding Medal

Jaxon Kirsh - 1st GMS
David Hertzler - 2nd DMS
AngelaRose Uielea - 3rd DMS
Charlie Ippolito - 1st MHS
Michael Kelly-Galdamez - 2nd DHS
Brandon Hedgepath and Zachary Trias - 3rd WSHS
Elvira Ayar Deleon and Dairin Rodriguez-Gomez - HM DHS

Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering Receive the NN Shipbuilding Medal

Tristan Klompenhouwer - 1st GMS
Isabel Dryer - 1st DMS
Anna Tucker - 3rd GMS
Aurelie Flowers - HM GMS

John Meier, Kaylie Manglicmont and James Norfleet - 1st MHS
Cassady Pope - 2nd WHS
Chantany'ce Martin and K'Shaun Hawks - 3rd WSHS
Nedko Coon - HM DHS
Michael Garrett - HM MHS

Environmental Science

Isabelle Monge - 1st DMS
Aaron Lin - 2nd DMS
Charles Griffiths - HM GMS
Naomi Hall - HM DMS

Libby Cummings, Madalene Goeller and Fernanda Cabrera - 2nd WHS

Energy and Transportation

Sona Shah - 1st GMS
Iliana Carroll - 2nd DMS
Jennifer Vincente - 3rd DMS
Jacob Rodriquez - HM DMS
Sydney Marble - HM GMS
Colin Maculley - HM HHS

Environmental Science

Peyton Bates - 1st DMS
Autumn Green - 2nd WMS
John Brock - 3rd GMS
Sara Dunklee - 1st DHS
Trevor Wells - 1st MHS - Stockholm Water Prize
Meredith Olaya and Hien Tran - 3rd WSHS


Caitlyn Hollis - HM GMS

Medicine and Health

Laura Bier - 1st GMS Rotary Scholarship
Thomas Hamilton - 2nd GMS Rotary Scholarship
Rebecca Hyde - 3rd MPMS
Bria Kearney - HM WMS
Zakary Patterson - HM MPMS
Navaeh Branch - Rebound Chiropractic Award MPMS
Alaina Walker - Rebound Chiropractic Award CMS
Hannah Dahl, Christiana Clark and Grace Pradham - 1st MHS
Karan Singh - 2nd MHS
Julie McCullough and Eric Young - 3rd MHS
Dev Patel - 3rd DHS
Laura Reid, Helena Ly and Heather Crum - HM MHS


Bryson Monk - 1st GMS
Analei Monk - 1st GMS
Matt Meier and Jacob Cirrincione - 1st MHS
Alex Kropp and Caitlyn Davis - 2nd MHS
Rebecca Cody and Morgan Merritt - 3rd MHS Rotary Scholarship and Rebound Chiropractic 1st place

Physics and Astronomy - 1st place received JLAB book library

LeAnn Vo - 1st GMS
Amir Hassan - 2nd MPMS
Casey York - 3rd GMS
Sara Strick - HM GMS
Sara Federico - HM DMS
Jordyn Anderson - HM DMS
Caitlyn Davis, Joshua Lawrence and Ethan Ott - 1st MHS
Archie Bell - 2nd HHS
Jordan Saunders - 3rd DHS
Nicolas Santo - HM DHS
Taren Evans - HM WSHS

Plant Sciences

Lois Carpenter - 1st WMS
Myna Chassard - 2nd GMS
Tennacee Crumrine - 3rd DMS
Adreyanna Maddox and Makayla Hicks - HM WMS
Iris Ovalle - HM DMS
Mary Amelia Wells - 1st WHS
Abby Rose and Ashley Morgan - 2nd MHS
Jasmine Cummings - 3rd WSHS
Cesarine Aylsworth - HM DHS

2019 All-City Science, Technology, And Engineering Fair
2019 All-City Science, Technology, And Engineering Fair
2019 All-City Science, Technology, And Engineering Fair
2019 All-City Science, Technology, And Engineering Fair