NNPS partners with Livingtree to bring families closer to school

Posted: October 2, 2019

Newport News Public Schools has partnered with Livingtree, a K-12 technology company, to bolster family engagement across the district. NNPS has launched Livingtree Engage to communicate, collaborate, build stronger connections, and ultimately bring families closer to their child's learning experiences at school.

Livingtree provides a safe and secure way to directly connect parents/guardians with their child's classroom, school, and groups.

Backed by researched-based practices, industry experts and proven methods, the Livingtree Engage platform is a private, safe, and secure community for teachers and families to work together in support of better learning outcomes for children. Livingtree Engage will simplify school-to-family and family-to-school communication through a single platform with easy-to-use social features available on web browsers and mobile devices.

Livingtree saves families time by providing one unified platform that they can rely on for every class, grade, and school. NNPS families are encouraged to ensure that their contact information is correct and up-to-date with their school.

Emails were recently sent to families with information regarding their Livingtree account. Families are encouraged to click the link and follow the instructions to activate their account. Once the account has been created, parents/guardians can customize their notification settings.

Learn more about Livingtree Engage at Newport News Public Schools.