Drivers mentor students to accelerate their achievement

Posted: March 11, 2020

In addition to shuttling students to and from school and events, our bus drivers make a positive impact on students. The Transportation Department is proud to have two retired military drivers dedicate some of their personal time to B.C. Charles- Boys to Men Development, a mentoring program led by bus drivers Reginald Franks and James Pretlow.

Franks and Pretlow created the program for eight fourth and fifth grade students chosen because of their actions on the bus and in the classroom. The mentoring program aims to educate, encourage, and engage the students to help them strive to be positive and successful.

The mentors meet with the selected students, three times a week. During that time students are counseled on appearance, respect, decision making and overcoming obstacles. Students memorize a motivational quote each week and were given pocket-sized notebooks to carry at school so that teachers or school staff can comment on their achievements or behaviors.