Newport News School Board approves budget

Posted: March 25, 2020

The Newport News School Board approved a $330.2 million operating budget for the 2020-2021 school year during its meeting on Tuesday, March 24. The budget represents a 5.4% increase over the current year's spending plan. Funding for the budget is based on the General Assembly's budget and an increase of $2.5 million from the City of Newport News.

Revenue for the operating budget is generated from four sources: $211.8 million in state aid for public education, $113.4 million from the City of Newport News, $3.1 million in federal funding and $1.9 million in other revenue.

The proposed budget continues funding for all current initiatives and departments and is aligned with the school division's goals.


The retention and recruitment of skilled, professional staff continues to be a priority for the School Board.

  • Funding is included to continue addressing salary compression among teachers and support staff, and provide a two percent increase in pay for senior level administrators and a three percent increase for all other staff.

  • To address rising health care claims, an additional $1.7 million will be added to the health fund. The School Board premium will increase $1.1 million and the employee premium will cover the balance of $600,000. Employee premium increases will range from $2.50 to $33 a month.

The approved budget also focuses on staffing needs in five areas: English as a Second Language (ESL), school counseling, mental health, school security and technology support.

  • To meet the projected increase in enrollment for English Language Learners, the approved budget includes the addition of three ESL teachers, one instructional assistant and one registrar

  • Meeting students' mental health needs is a team effort. The approved budget includes the addition of two Licensed Clinical Social Workers and two psychologists to support students. In addition, the Governor's budget requires NNPS to add an additional eight elementary school counselors to meet the Governor's proposed counselor-student ratio.

  • The budget includes three additional security officers to support elementary schools, a youth development specialist and two additional technology support specialists to support one-to-one computing at all high schools.

The approved spending plan includes funding to support student learning, and address some technology upgrades and building maintenance.

  • Funding is included for reading and math assessments and additional software for math, science, social studies and technology instruction.

  • Technology funding will replace student computers, elementary school teacher laptop computers and SmartBoards for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

  • The spending plan continues to fund the replacement of school public announcement and clock systems, security cameras, and fire and intrusion systems.

  • To address growing capital needs, funding is also allocated for Todd Stadium track repair and resurfacing, HVAC repair and maintenance, plumbing, decking around learning cottages, classroom cabinetry, tennis court paving, electrical work, lighting and playground equipment replacement.

The School Board approved budget will be submitted to the Newport News City Council by April 1.