NNPS earns two Programs That Work awards

Posted: May 20, 2020

The Virginia Math and Science Coalition recently recognized two Programs That Work in Newport News Public Schools.

STEM 360, a partnership between the Virginia Air and Space Center and schools in Newport News, Suffolk and Hampton, was recognized for its work giving students field experience, outreach from the Center's STEM coach, and customized instruction for participating schools.

In NNPS, the program is coordinated by teacher leaders at six participating schools:

  • Adia Charley at Discovery STEM Academy;
  • Shannon Rawls at Yates Elementary;
  • Kandyss Foster at Dutrow Elementary;
  • Aaron Chrzaszcz at Sanford Elementary;
  • Ruth Fries at Riverside Elementary; and
  • Emily Marushia at Saunders Elementary.

Menchville High School's research class, created and taught by Ashley Chassard, was recognized for the experience and preparation the course gives students in laboratory research and scientific reporting. The class has concentrated this year on two research projects:

  • Exploring the regenerative effects of the steroid MSI-1436 on zebrafish with Parkinson's Disease symptoms and
  • Collecting and monitoring data regarding bacteria counts in the Lower James River.

Students conduct research, collect data and write research papers suitable for review by scientific journals for publication. The class has been touted as strong preparation for competitive undergraduate research opportunities.

Mrs. Chassard has been named the school's teacher of the year and is a finalist for the citywide teacher of the year honor as well.

Menchville research class
Menchville research class