NNPS students use computer science skills in Engineering Design Challenge

Posted: February 13, 2020

Teams of fourth and fifth grade students from all Newport News elementary schools converged at Newsome Park Elementary School to participate in the latest Engineering Design Challenge. The design challenge, Coding Our Freedom, was held in partnership with the United States Navy and required teams to progress through four increasingly complex challenges using integrated computer science, technology and math skills just as careers in the U.S. Navy require.

The first challenge was to build a prototype of an unmanned submarine using LEGOs which had to pass inspection before continuing on to the second challenge. For the second challenge, students had to solve a secret password using Binary Code to move onto the third challenge. With the correct password in hand, teams worked to code an Unmanned Surface Vehicle through a maze before moving onto the final challenge. The last step in the design challenge required teams to use a computer to code and navigate an object to a target and lead it back to safety. Teams earned points throughout the challenge.

Congratulations to Saunders Elementary school who earned first place, Dutrow Elementary for placing second, and Richneck Elementary for earning third place in the challenge.

The Design Challenge is part of the school district's ongoing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math education) initiative.

Slideshow: NNPS Students at the Engineering Design Challenge

  • First Place Team from Saunders Elementary
  • Second Place Team from Dutrow Elementary
  • Third Place Team from Richneck Elementary