All-City Science, Engineering & Technology Fair Winners

Posted: January 30, 2020

Nearly 300 students presented projects in 17 categories at the 39th Annual All-City Science, Engineering and Technology Fair at Heritage High School on January 25. Students participating earned medals, cash awards, trophies, and other prizes for their research in science, engineering, and technology using problem solving, investigation, communication, and inquiry techniques.

Eleven teams also participated in a STEM Engineering Design challenge during the fair.

The fair's judges, area volunteers with expertise in engineering, medicine, mathematics, IT and the sciences, used set criteria to evaluate the methods students used and the clarity of their presentations.

Projects competing in this event were top contenders in their individual schools' science fairs. Winners on Saturday will present their work at the 69th Tidewater Science and Engineering Fair at Old Dominion University on March 14.

Creating these scholarly presentations drives students to sharpen their skills in visual and oral communication as well as in critical thinking and prepares them for the professional world in STEM careers and beyond.

Slideshow: NNPS Students at the All-City Science, Engineering & Technology Fair

39th Annual All-City Science, Engineering & Technology Fair Results

Animal Science

Junior Division:

3rd Place: Jacob Steen - Passage Middle School
Bon Appetit - Hungry Hungry Hornworms!

Senior Division:

1st Place: Joey Gasink, Kenneth Kulian-Guzman, and Nate Lee - Denbigh High School
The Effect of Styrofoam and Oats On Mealworms and Superworms

2nd Place: Tiannah Washington and Kenna Brown - Menchville High School
The Effects of CBD Oil on the Heart Rate of Daphnia

Honorable Mention: Parker Bigley and Mark Gosser - Menchville High School
Chemotaxis Behavioral Study on C. Elegans Worms

Behavioral and Social Science

Junior Division:

1st Place: Elizabeth McElfresh - Gildersleeve Middle School
The Effect of BPM on Running Pace

2nd Place: Shyzear Brown - Hines Middle School
Emotional Colors

3rd Place: Zakary Patterson - Passage Middle School
Which Gender is More Likely to Steal from a Child?

Honorable Mention: Abigail Griffin - Crittenden Middle School
Can Adults Pass a Middle School Test?

Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Hurd - Crittenden Middle School
Do Animals Know Their Names?

Honorable Mention: Hallie Tatum - Gildersleeve Middle School
Are You Sure?

Senior Division:

1st Place: Tyler Vo, Fabian Romero, Harrison Cobb - Menchville High School
Effect of Different Testing Environments on Short Term Memory

2nd Place: Kelvin Chen - Woodside High School
The Stroop Effect

3rd Place: Grace Keene - Woodside High School
Reaction Time: Are Video Games Actually Helping You?


Junior Division:

1st Place: Arianna Maldonado - Dozier Middle School
Extracting Strawberry DNA

2nd Place: Freddy Heath - Achievable Dream Middle School
The Carpet Cleaning Guy

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Senior Division:

1st Place: Sean Glauner and Mary Frances Crain - Menchville High School
Carbon Dioxide Production Based on Sugar Concentration


Junior Division - Group 1:

1st Place: Jake Commons - Gildersleeve Middle School
Iron in my Cereal

2nd Place: Marly Diemsen - Dozier Middle School
What Temperature Do Different Proteins Denature

3rd Place: Claudia Lewis - Dozier Middle School
Hard Water, Low Suds

Honorable Mention: Elijah White - Dozier Middle School
Can Bubbles Stick to Any Surface

Honorable Mention: David Daniel, Mykaiah Simon, and Jared Brown - Achievable Dream Middle School
A Better World for Better Bubbles

Junior Division - Group 2:

1st Place: Riley Journell - Hines Middle School
Which of These Different Fruit Peels Really Pop?

2nd Place: Nevaeh Gwinn - Passage Middle School
Poppin' Mad

3rd Place: Abbie Phinney - Gildersleeve Middle School
Pumpkin Preservatives

Honorable Mention: Paris Dunbar - Hines Middle School
Sugar Sodas

Honorable Mention: Tamaya Landis - Passage Middle School
Apple Browning

Senior Division:

1st Place: Cesarine Aylsworth - Denbigh High School
Deconstruction of Ethanol Through Esterification
Rotary Scholarship Winner

2nd Place: Gemma McKnight - Warwick High School
The Electricity of Fruits and Vegetables

3rd Place: Arkese Smith - Heritage High School
Enamel Experiment

Honorable Mention: Kiana Alexander and Nyla Brewington - Achievable Dream High School
Electrolyte Conductivity

Computer Science

Junior Division:

1st Place: Michelle Hu - Dozier Middle School
The Effect of Training Data Set on the Probability Threshold of the Testing Data Set
Rotary Scholarship Winner

Earth and Planetary Science

Junior Division:

1st Place: Akiyah Joyner - Hines Middle School
Salinity and its Effect on Frozen Water
Rotary Scholarship Winner

2nd Place: Tayla Hill - Hines Middle School
Is it Clean Enough to Drink?

Honorable Mention: Owen Horrell - Hines Middle School
Crystal Eggshells

Honorable Mention: Erick Marentes-Vargas - Hines Middle School
Stop Polluting, You're Hurting Earth

Senior Division:

1st Place: Skye Strate - Heritage High School
Washed Away…By Erosion

Energy and Transportation

Junior Division:

1st Place: Joey Lajoie - Gildersleeve Middle School
Friction on a Radio-Controlled Car

2nd Place: Qyre Rhodes - Passage Middle School
Magnetic Transportation

3rd Place: Jayden Stewart - Gildersleeve Middle School
Weight Capacity of Different Boat Hulls

Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical

Junior Division:

1st Place: Tyler Ruder - Passage Middle School
Naval Research Award Winner

3rd Place: Kathleen Barrios-Gomez - Crittenden Middle School
A Helping Hand

3rd Place: Razvan Verde - Gildersleeve Middle School
The Correlation Between the Angle of Light Shone on a Solar Panel and the Electricity Produced

Honorable Mention: Josue Barrios-Gomez - Crittenden Middle School
Solving Space Junk

Senior Division:

1st Place: Aaliyah San Nicolas - Denbigh High School
Efficient Propeller Design
Naval Research Award Winner

2nd Place: Colin Maculley - Heritage High School
Intake Length
Naval Research Award Winner

Honorable Mention: David Hertzler - Warwick High School
Effectiveness of Electroplating Paper

Engineering: Material and Bioengineering

Junior Division:

1st Place: Nolan Stuffel - Gildersleeve Middle School
Bridge Strength
Naval Research Award Winner

2nd Place: Evan Yarborough - Dozier Middle School
Does the Length and Amount of Blades Affect the Power Output of a Wind Turbine?
Naval Research Award Winner

3rd Place: Nakia Stanley - Crittenden Middle School
The Weather Cover

Honorable Mention: Anje Klompenhouwer - Gildersleeve Middle School
Spaghetti Beams

Senior Division:

1st Place: Cassady Pope - Warwick High School
Can Your Insulation Save You Money?
Naval Research Award Winner

2nd Place: Landon Williams - Menchville High School
The Rocket Project: Launch Angle vs. Height

3rd Place: Danasia Brown and Caresse Turner Achievable Dream High School

Environmental Management

Junior Division:

1st Place: Myna Chassard - Gildersleeve Middle School
The Effect of Rainfall on Bacterial Levels in the Lower James River

2nd Place: Alyssa Casavant - Dozier Middle School
Magnet Generator

Environmental Science

Junior Division:

1st Place: Estefanny Ibarra-Lopez - Dozier Middle School
The Effect of Oil Spills on Aquatic Plants

2nd Place: Aiden Jacobs - Hines Middle School
What Sorbent is Best for Oil Spills

3rd Place: Aaron Lin - Dozier Middle School
The Water Quality in Newport News

Honorable Mention: Colton Deese - Dozier Middle School
Levee Experimental

Honorable Mention: Katie Dam - Dozier Middle School
The Effect of Different Water Filters on Purification

Senior Division:

1st Place: Sona Shah - Warwick High School
Turbid to Clear

1st Place: Calvin Griffiths and Romy McGinnia - Warwick High School
Water Quality at Warwick High School

3rd Place: Vicky Dam - Woodside High School
The Effects of Vegetation on Soil Erosion


Junior Division:

1st Place: John Steiner - Gildersleeve Middle School
How Much DNA Can You Pack in a Cell? An Experiment to Discover Correlation Between Nucleus and Genome Size in Birds, Amphibians, & Fish
Rotary Scholarship Winner

Medicine and Health Sciences

Junior Division:

1st Place: Caroline Cerny - Gildersleeve Middle School
The Egg Experiment

2nd Place: Braydon Thomas - Dozier Middle School
Iron Levels in Cereal

3rd Place: Ayden Cwayna - Passage Middle School
How Earthworms React to Nicotine

Honorable Mention: Cecilia Risden - Passage Middle School
Does Water Affect Vocal Cords

Senior Division:

1st Place: Laura Madler - Menchville High School
A Drop in the Bucket
Rotary Scholarship Winner

2nd Place: Shelby Woodward and Jessica Sigsbee - Menchville High School
The Effect of Vaping Chemicals on Yeast Cell Growth

3rd Place: Kayleigh Heath and Kailen Slusher - Warwick High School
The Best Hand-Cleaning Technique

Honorable Mention: David Hopkins - Denbigh High School
Blood Splatter


Junior Division:

1st Place: Sean Walker-Hall - Passage Middle School
Effect of Liquids on Tooth Enamel

Senior Division:

1st Place: Sophia Ottofaro and Ethan Matthews - Menchville High School
The Comparison of Antibiotics v. Home Remedies on the Growth of Staph epidermidis and E. Coli

2nd Place: Madison Webb, Julia Cook, and Marlie Rivera - Menchville High School
The Effect of Multipurpose Cleaners on Staphylococcus and E. coli Growth

3rd Place: Katherine Scott and Megan Melzer - Menchville High School
Does Antibiotic Exposure During Chicken Development Increase the Presence of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Processed Chicken Meat?

Physics and Astronomy

Junior Division:

1st Place: Kai-Tang Tseng - Dozier Middle School
The Effect of Different Spin Speed on the Time a Water Bottle Cools to Under 10 Degrees Celsius
Jefferson Lab Book Library Winner

2nd Place: Sarah Federico - Dozier Middle School
Do More Coils Produce More Electricity

3rd Place: Shanice Waite - Dozier Middle School
Electricity Flow

Honorable Mention: Katelynn Castor - Dozier Middle School
When Copper Electroplating, Does Voltage Affect Time of Coverage?

Honorable Mention: Steve Moody, Aajaleeah Reid, and Saniyyah Jefferson - Huntington Middle School
Ice Ice Baby

Honorable Mention: Evan Williams - Gildersleeve Middle School
How Does Rocket Nozzle Shape Affect Rocket Thrust?

Senior Division:

1st Place: Amir Hassan - Warwick High School
The Pressure of Soccer
Jefferson Lab Book Library Winner

2nd Place: Makayla Renfroe and Naasir Jones - Woodside High School
The Effect of Microwaves on Hot Spots

Plant Sciences

Junior Division:

1st Place: Aidan Dreyer - Dozier Middle School
The Effect of Root Stimulant on African Violet Cuttings

2nd Place: Lauchnor Lamb - Gildersleeve Middle School
Drowning the Plants

Senior Division:

1st Place: Sophie Gere, Chiara Tomassetti, and Riley Maynard - Menchville High School
The Effect of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria on Grass Growth

2nd Place: Aurelie Flowers - Warwick High School
Classical Music's Effect on Bean Plants

STEM Engineering Design Challenge Winners

Junior Division:

Christian Lilly, Vinn Nguyen, and Travis Green - Gildersleeve Middle School

Senior Division:

Jaedyn Wimbush, Marcus Robinson, Laila Walker, and Antonia Simms - Warwick High School