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NNPS employees recognized for dedicated service

(May 22, 2017) - Newport News Public Schools hosted its annual Employee Service Awards Banquet on March 30 at the Newport News Marriott at City Center. NNPS recognized 113 employees with 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of dedicated service to education in Newport News. View list of honored employees.

Unidentified service award winners

Unidentified service award winnersUnidentified service award winnersUnidentified service award winnersUnidentified service award winnersUnidentified service award winners

Name Location Service Years
Joyce Ann Brown Transportation 40
Rocky Cline Plant Services 40
Marcia Little Huntington Middle School 40
Anthony Witherspoon Denbigh Early Childhood Center 40
Jeanette Dail Deer Park Elementary School 35
Vivian Kane Carver Elementary School 35
Lena Newson Transportation 35
Hubert Norton Plant Services 35
Tammy Zwiefelhofer Watkins Early Childhood Center 35
Karen Abi-Saab Greenwood Elementary School 30
Anthony Brickhouse Achievable Dream Academy 30
Arlene Brown Achievable Dream Academy 30
Pamela Byrd Denbigh Early Childhood Center 30
Deborah Carter Achievable Dream Middle and High School 30
Molly Ann Cochran South Morrison Family Education Center 30
Stephanie Cuffee Menchville High School 30
Teresa Etwaroo Special Education 30
Michael Hamilton Custodial Services 30
James Harris Deer Park Elementary School 30
Dianne Hawkins Dozier Middle School 30
Tammy Holley Transportation 30
Catherine Huemer Curriculum and Instruction 30
Tracy Hundley Transportation 30
Alethea Hunter Carver Elementary School 30
Phillip Hunter Plant Services 30
Bonnie Laine Technology 30
Sabrina McMahan Greenwood Elementary School 30
Anya Miller Transportation 30
Donna Nice Gildersleeve Middle School 30
Gwendolyn Pendergraft Greenwood Elementary School 30
Stephanie Phaup Transportation 30
Michelle Price Yates Elementary School 30
Susan Ragan-Pimblett Woodside High School 30
Carolyn Richardson Warwick High School 30
Jacqueline Rosser Sanford Elementary School 30
Richard Shelton Woodside High School 30
Wayne Smith Hines Middle School 30
Elizabeth Ann Stabnow Charles Elementary School 30
Kathryn Sutton Dozier Middle School 30
Scott Taylor Gildersleeve Middle School 30
Kreg Abbey Warwick High School 25
Cheryl Andrews Richneck Elementary School 25
Lynn Ballou Warwick High School 25
Susan Barber Warwick High School 25
Donna Beardsley Menchville High School 25
Pamela Bell Achievable Dream Academy 25
Kristy Brown Achievable Dream Academy 25
Sandra Bunn Sanford Elementary School 25
Denise Calentine-Lee Hines Middle School 25
Joanne Carr Jenkins Elementary School 25
Barbara Ciccariello Richneck Elementary School 25
Helen Cimbron Richneck Elementary School 25
Lisa Coon Carver Elementary School 25
Tonya Cooper Transportation 25
Amy Crocker Huntington Middle School 25
Michael Davis Menchville High School 25
Kimberly Ann DeCoster Riverside Elementary School 25
Richard Dirmeyer Special Education 25
Donzaleigh Douglas Warwick High School 25
Christopher Dunlap Menchville High School 25
Carlton Emblidge Achievable Dream Middle and High School 25
Melissa Fentress Transportation 25
Latonya Ferebee Heritage High School 25
Terry Floyd Gildersleeve Middle School 25
Sandra Floyd Marshall Early Learning Center 25
Paula Gerst Gildersleeve Middle School 25
Gurkamal Gill Menchville High School 25
Melissa Goodrich Central Records 25
Sherleen Green Watkins Early Childhood Center 25
Robert Hanna Transportation 25
James Hayden Woodside High School 25
Kerrie Hayes Transportation 25
Barbara Haynes Carver Elementary School 25
Laurance Hendricks Plant Services 25
William Hicks Plant Services 25
Dana Holston Transportation 25
Sharon Hopkins Achievable Dream Academy 25
Shelley Johnson Passage Middle School 25
Bennetta Jones Kiln Creek Elementary School 25
Barbara Jones Palmer Elementary School 25
Brinda Jones Warwick High School 25
Dorothy Joyner Watkins Early Childhood Center 25
Vanessa Keller Marshall Early Learning Center 25
Debra Knight Watkins Early Childhood Center 25
Rebecca Koptish Gildersleeve Middle School 25
Eskie Machak Riverside Elementary School 25
Faythe McFadden Transportation 25
Jean Meekins Denbigh Early Childhood Center 25
Derrick Moore Huntington Middle School 25
Jane Moreland South Morrison Family Education Center 25
Mary Lou Moseley Passage Middle School 25
Leanne Navarro Saunders Elementary School 25
Delvickio Neal Plant Services 25
Rebecca Norfleet Jenkins Elementary School 25
Jessie Pickett Sedgefield Elementary School 25
Janie Pierce Marshall Early Learning Center 25
Kimberly Powell Watkins Early Childhood Center 25
Ray Price Telecommunications 25
Yvette Radcliffe Denbigh High School 25
Carolyn Ann Ralph Carver Elementary School 25
Helen Robinson Achievable Dream Academy 25
Lorenzo Robinson Gildersleeve Middle School 25
Jacklyn Ross Sedgefield Elementary School 25
Meghan Sisler General Stanford Elementary School 25
Maria Summa Warwick High School 25
James Surry Menchville High School 25
Ethel Thomas Huntington Middle School 25
Sharon Tunstall Kiln Creek Elementary School 25
Vivian Vitullo Special Education 25
Rita Walker Gatewood PEEP 25
Justine White Menchville High School 25
Arleatrice Winters Passage Middle School 25
Jacinta Wooden Discovery STEM Academy 25