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Report to the Community, Spring 2009Report to the Community

Report to the Community

Students increase achievement in all subjects while taking more rigorous SOL tests.

More Newport News students are mastering tougher Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in math, English, science and history/social science.

  • The largest gains are in math, improving by eight percentage points
  • Performance in English/reading tests improved five percentage points
  • District-wide results in science improved by seven percentage points
  • Students improved in history/social science by four percentage points

The new tests are designed to better prepare students to meet the demands and opportunities of the 21st century.

Newport News Public Schools curriculum is aligned to the new Standards of Learning, but NNPS educators go beyond teaching the minimum state standards. The NNPS curriculum combines the SOLs with the district’s college, career and citizen-ready skills to better prepare students for success as learners, future employees and contributing citizens.

  • Information literacy
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Initiative and self-direction
  • Social responsibility
  • Collaboration

NNPS Students are Preparing for Successful Futures

  • More high-school students are earning industry certifications, preparing them for future careers. In 2015, NNPS students earned 1,858 certifications, compared to 741 in 2011. Employers seek these certifications for high-wage, high-demand and high-skilled careers.
  • 66% of middle school students earned high school credit; 45% of middle school students successfully completed Algebra I.
  • 89% of high school students completed an honors, Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate course.
  • 680 high school students were dual enrolled in a college course.
  • Nearly half of the class of 2015 earned an advanced diploma.

NNPS’ Graduation Rate Reaches All-Time High

By keeping the focus on college and career readiness, NNPS’ graduation rate has increased to 89.5% in 2015 from 72.9% eight years ago. During the same time period, the dropout rate has decreased to 2.8%, lower than the state average. NNPS provides an array of services to help students graduate on time (in four years).

A Note to our community from the Superintendent:

Newport News students are making notable academic progress. We are proud of the advances our students and teachers have made, and the increase in accredited schools.

Our students are excelling in all of the benchmarks outlined in the NNPS Academic Agenda for Public Education: achievement, advancement and youth development. Academic achievement is increasing, students are taking more rigorous coursework, and students are participating in service learning and school activities in all grades.

Thanks to the combined efforts of our students, families, staff and the community, our schools will continue to see great progress as we prepare our students for the new opportunities of the 21st century.

As we celebrate American Education Week, we invite you to learn more about how our schools are preparing students to be college, career and citizen-ready. Visit us, log on and follow us on social media.

Ashby C. Kilgore, Superintendent