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Brain Boost Activity Breaks

3..2..1. Active Fun

Special thanks goes out to Dr. Susan Nye, Associate Professor in the Kinesiology Department at James Madison University for her outstanding work directing the production of these videos and making them available to K-12 students and teachers as a terrific resource!

General Instructional Information about Brain Boost Activity Breaks

You will find 42 video “shorts” (most 3-5 minutes, done by JMU and their kinesiology students to be used in the classroom!) under the section titled “3, 2, 1 Active Fun”.  The web-site is primarily for PE teachers, but the 3, 2, 1 Active Fun subsection (with the 42 activity video “shorts”) is ideal for every classroom teacher. 

This set of links could be used by our classroom teachers (especially elementary) to provide additional activity time and re-focusing students by creating a “brain boost” of various activity types!  Since each video is approximately 5 minutes, one break a day would add 25 minutes of activity/week and 2 breaks would add 50 minutes/week  and so on. 

This is a GREAT way to increase activity time at NO COST!  It is also a great deal for our kids, adds a focus on wellness and fits what all current research indicates about the connection between activity and brain function.  It additionally provides an appropriate option for teachers on days that outside recess is not feasible and other plans have either not been made or are inadequate for true activity breaks. 

Specific Instructional Information About the Site

Click on the following link and then under the 3..2..1. Active Fun,  there are 4 separate link categories which include:

  • New 3,2,1 videos (15 videos available)
  • Cardio (13 videos available)
  • Flexibility (5 videos available)
  • Muscular Strength/Endurance (9 videos available) 

Almost all of them could be used directly in the classroom right next to the student’s desks.  Teachers will want to preview each video in advance and use them as seen fit.   They can be previewed at home following the link and then used in the classrooms.  Each video is led by a JMU kinesiology student.