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Dress Code Information

All Schools

From NNPS Rights and Responsibilities Handbook:
A student will maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of social conduct. Student dress that disrupts the school environment will not be tolerated. For health and safety reasons, principals may make building level rules regarding student dress and attire.

From NNPS Policies and Procedures:
Policy JICA: A student will not dress, groom, wear or use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols where the effect thereof is to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school. The principal or designee will determine whether any particular mode of dress, apparel, grooming or use of emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols results in such interference or disruption as to violate this policy.

Please check school websites for dress code information.

Schools with Specific Dress Code Policies

Schools with specific dress code policies are listed to the right.

Studies indicate that uniform dress codes help students focus on their schoolwork rather than what their classmates are wearing and can help parents save money on school clothes by avoiding brand name garments. Each school developed its policy with the input of parents, students and staff in accordance with state guidelines.

From NNPS Policies and Procedures:
Policy JICAB: Virginia Code 22.1-79.2 permits local school boards to establish requirements for students to wear uniforms. The requirements must be consistent with guidelines promulgated by the State Board of Education.

Individual schools may establish uniform requirements for their school. These requirements shall be developed by the school, be consistent with the State Board of Education guidelines, and be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent before their implementation. The Superintendent may promulgate procedures to implement this policy.

Please check school websites for dress code information.


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