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Dress Code: Deer Park Elementary School

Due to the nature of our instructional program (environmental science) and in order to promote safety while students are outside, in the woods, or running on the asphalt or inside the gymnasium, the following dress code will apply.

  1. Pants
    Pants, preferably jeans, are recommended.  They provide greater protection from briars, ticks and poison ivy. Pants of the following nature are NOT allowed:

    • pants that fall below the waistline
    • pants that are too tight
    • pants that are too large and do not stay up without assistance
  2. Shorts
    Shorts may be worn during hot weather. They need to allow movement yet not be oversized or too short. Please adhere to the fingertip rule for length.
  3. Footwear
    The only allowed footwear is an enclosed heel and toe sneaker.
  4. Shirts and blouses
    Shirts and blouses must have a neat appearance. They must cover the stomach. Shirts and blouses that are too large for a child or fall close to the mid-thigh will be tucked in for safety reasons. Shirts of the following nature are NOT allowed:
    • halter-tops
    • tank-tops
    • tube-tops
    • any shirt that doesn’t cover the stomach when arms are raised.
  5. Dresses and Skirts
    Due to the nature of Deer Park’s environmental program, dresses/skirts are not recommended.  If a dress/skirt is worn for everyday participation, the child must wear a pair of shorts underneath.  Exceptions to this rule may apply on picture days, graduation, or other pre-designated events.
    Dresses of the following nature are NOT allowed:
    • skirts or dresses shorter than the student’s fingertips
    • skirts or dresses which inhibit movement
    • dresses with spaghetti straps unless it has a sweater to cover straps
    • backless/halter dresses or shirts
  6. Headgear
    Hats, bandanas, and sweatbands should NOT be worn inside the school building.
  7. Themed clothing
    All clothing or items that symbolize gang-related behavior, are derogatory in nature, advertise controlled or illegal substances and/or disrupt the instructional program are prohibited.

When necessary, administrators will determine the appropriateness of school attire.

Deer Park students engage in many outside activities including running and gardening.  Children need to participate in these events.  The wearing of inappropriate clothing is not an excuse for missing these educational activities.  If needed, the parent will be called to bring appropriate attire to the school for any child who does not adhere to the dress code above.

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