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Dress Code: Enterprise Academy

Enterprise Academy is located in a business setting. All staff members and students of the school will be groomed and dressed as employees of a business in the Oyster Point Industrial Park. If you are not sure that an article of clothing is appropriate, the rule is to ask before you wear it. The following guidelines give special requirements for clothing to be worn during attendance at Enterprise. If the clothing article is not described below, it is not acceptable as Enterprise Academy school attire.

The following clothing is PROHIBITED for boys and girls while attending class: Coats, jackets, sunglasses, windbreakers, shorts, miniskirts, spandex slacks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polo-style shirts, bedroom shoes, flipflops, headbands and caps. Repeated dress code violations may lead to dismissal!

Personal Grooming:

  • Males - No braids, dreads, long hair or bizarre hair colors. Hair must be combed and neat.
  • Females - No bizarre hair colors or dreads.
  • Jewelry - Earrings may be worn in ears only. Large finger rings are not allowed.


  • Shirts - Boys must wear white or cream colored, plain dress shirts with a collar. Shirts may have long or short sleeves. Pullover shirts are not allowed. Shirts must be tucked into the slacks.
  • T-shirts - If undershirts are worn, they must be solid white and the sleeve cannot show beneath the short-sleeved dress shirt. T-shirts with writing or pictures are not allowed.
  • Pants - Navy or black dress slacks must be worn. No denim or jean-styled pants may be worn. Slacks cannot be oversized and a belt must be worn at the appropriate waistline. Pant leg should not be tucked in tops of socks or dragging on the floor.
  • Ties - Regular or clip-on.
  • Belts - Belts must be worn and properly looped. Metal belts are not allowed. Belts should not hang down from the belt loops.
  • Sweaters - Cardigan (button-down front) or pullover sweaters may be worn over the appropriate shirt and tie. Sweatshirts are not allowed.
  • Jewelry - Males may not wear necklaces.


  • Blouses - Girls may wear white or cream colored, plain white blouses with a collar. Blouses may have long or short sleeves. Plain white turtleneck shirts may also be worn. Blouses must be tucked in. Sleeveless blouses, see-through material, low cut necklines, and polo-styled shirts are not allowed.
  • Dress or Skirt - Dresses or skirts must be navy or black, loose fitting and knee length. Slits above the knee, denims, or prints are not allowed.
  • Slacks - Navy or black dress slacks must be worn at appropriate waistline. Spandex or stretch pants, oversized pants, denim and prints are not allowed. Pants with belt loops require a belt. Pant legs may not drag on the floor.
  • Sweaters - Cardigan (button-down front) or pullover may be worn over appropriate dress or blouse.