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Dress Code: General Stanford Elementary School

Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to school that allow them to participate in daily physical fitness activities. Students dressed inappropriately will be asked to call a parent or guardian for a change of clothes. Please adhere to the following guidelines when assisting your child in choosing clothes for school:

  • Hats will not be worn inside the building.

  • Shorts and skirts should adhere to the "finger-tip" rule. When standing with arms to the side, the students' shorts or skirts should reach or exceed the tips of their fingers.

  • Halter-tops, jerseys, or tank tops that expose a student's chest stomach are not allowed. Shirts should cover the student's stomach. Straps on tops should be at least as wide as three adult fingers (no spaghetti straps).

  • Shirts that have words or graphics considered inappropriate for school should not be worn.

  • Pants/shorts should not sag down below the waist, and pant legs should not drag on the floor. A belt must be worn if a student's pants/shorts do not stay up around the waist.

  • Flip-flops, slip-ons, or beach shoes may not be worn. Open-toed shoes and sandals are discouraged. Shoes of this type do not adequately protect students' feet during regular daily activities. Athletic shoes or similar type shoes are recommended.

When necessary, administrators will determine the appropriateness of school attire.

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