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Dress Code: Hilton Elementary School

Students shall maintain personal attire and grooming standards that promote safety, health, and acceptable standards of conduct on school property. Clothing or wearing apparel which distracts from the educational process, or is derogatory in nature, will not be permitted. Hilton students will dress for success!

  • Students should maintain acceptable social grooming standards. Hats or head bands (for boys) will not be worn inside the building. Skin-tight/skin-hugging clothing should not be worn. Students should not have Bizarre/Extreme hair color or cut while in school.

  • Students will wear athletic shoes. Open toe shoes, sandals, elevated/ extra-thick shoes and boots should not be worn.

  • Students may wear short or long sleeved shirts. Spaghetti straps and sleeveless should not be worn.

  • Students will tuck in their shirts. Shirts must be appropriate length in order to be tucked in. Jerseys, crop-tops, and shorter T-shirts should not be worn because they cannot stay tucked in easily.

  • Pants, Bermuda shorts, skirts, must fit snugly at the waist. If they don't, a belt must be worn.

  • Appropriately sized vests, long sleeve cardigans sweaters, or banded sweatshirts may be worn. They should fit at or near the waist. Baggy, oversized clothing, and large/heavy coats will not be worn in the classroom.

  • Students shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least "finger-tip" length. Short-shorts that are less then the finger tip length should not be worn.

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