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Dress Code: Huntington Middle School

We have learned that student dress sets the tone for the learning environment. Students who come in play clothes tend to want to play. Therefore, to clarify policy and to avoid questions parents and students will have about current fads, more specific descriptions of dress practices are listed below.

The following dress practices are NOT allowed in school:

  1. Pants worn below intended waistline, pants worn inside out, gym-type shorts, boxer pants, biker pants, bathing suit-type shorts, any type of cut-off shorts, cut-up pants.
  2. Shirts or T-shirts over hose or stretch pants. Dress, skirts, shorts or tops covering stretch pants that do not reach at least midway to the thigh.
  3. Any clothing apparel that exposes the mid section and/or body below the armpits (cut-offs, tank-tops, cut-up or sleeveless shirts).
  4. Hats, male or female. Hats are to be removed upon entering the building.
  5. Sunglasses.
  6. No bare feet or flips-flops. Shoes must be worn, keeping in mind that tennis shoes are required for gym.
  7. Shirts and blouses with objectional slogans or obscenities.
  8. Any item that may be considered disruptive to the educational process.
  9. Any jewelry or accessory that may be used as a weapon (2 or 3 finger rings, chains, keys, etc.)
  10. Bibs or straps hanging off the shoulder. All straps must be worn over both shoulders.
  11. Coats and jackets. Coats, jackets and pullovers must be taken off when entering the building. Coats, jackets and pullovers are to be kept in student's locker.
  12. Bodypiercing that will create a safety hazard.
  13. Face jewelry.

Final decisions on above dress practices are to the discretion of the building administrator. Students in violation of this policy will be referred to the office, and parents will be called to bring the proper attire. Time missed from class will be unexcused.

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