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Dress Code: Jenkins Elementary School

All Jenkins Elementary school students are expected to dress appropriately. Specifically:

  • Midriff baring shirts or blouses shall not be worn.

  • Tank tops may only be worn over or under a long or short sleeved shirt.

  • Trousers/shorts shall be worn properly around the waist with a belt where required.

  • Skirts shall be sufficient in length so that, with the student's arms hanging relaxed, the fingertips do not extend below the skirt's hemline.

  • Hats are not to be worn inside the building (except when religiously, culturally, or medically required).

  • Headgear such as scarves, kerchiefs, or bandanas which may be interpreted as gang-related shall not be worn.

  • Ornate jewelry which may present safety concerns or a distraction in class shall not be worn.

  • For safety reasons, flip-flops are not to be worn; closed-toe shoes are strongly encouraged.

  • Shirts or blouses with offensive language, pictures, or logos shall not be worn.

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