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Dress Code: B.T. Washington Middle School

Washington Middle School students may choose clothing from the following:


  • Black/ Navy/ Khaki
  • Solid Color, Appropriate size for waist and length
  • No Denim/jeans, no oversized, baggy, or cargo pants, no jogging suits, no sweat-pants


  • Black/ Navy/ Khaki
  • Solid Color, No denim/jeans
  • No shorter than 3” above the knees


  • Any solid color
  • Must have collar or turtleneck, must be short or long sleeved, must be oxford style or polo shirt, no denim
  • No Logos/writing, no T-shirts, no bare-midriffs


  • Any solid color
  • Pullover/Cardigan, No writing/logos
  • Must wear dress-code shirt underneath


  • Any solid color
  • No writing except School logo shirts, Crew neck long sleeved
  • No hoods, Must wear dress-code shirt underneath


  • Loafer/slip-on, Lace-up, Tennis/athletic required for gym
  • No flip-flops/slippers


  • Color: Black/brown/tan
  • Pants designed for belts must be belted


  • No hats, sunglasses, bandanas, do-rags, scarves or sweatbands. (Hats are to be removed upon entering the building)
  • No visible body piercing other than in the ears.
  • Heavy coats or jackets are not to be worn inside the building.
  • Any jewelry or accessory that may be used as a weapon (metal or plastic finger rings, chains, keys, etc.) is not allowed.

Students not adhering to the school's dress code policy will be referred to the counselor and/or office. Parents will be contacted. Students will not be allowed to attend school/classes until proper attire is obtained.