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Newport News Public Schools
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NNPS Community-Based Instruction (CBI) Program

  CBI Program  

Vivian Vitullo
Secondary Supervisor
(757) 283-7850 x 10418

Michele Jones
CBI Program Administrator
(757) 283-7850 x 10406

What is Community-Based Instruction?

  • Community-Based Instruction is individualized instruction. Community environments and target skills are selected for students by evaluation of their individual needs and recommendations made by students, parents/guardians, and teachers.

  • Community-Based Instruction is direct, planned, continuous instruction. Community environments are visited repeatedly in order to provide instruction for target skills. Instructional procedures are determined and materials are secured prior to entering community sites. Modifications (to sites, instructional materials, instructional cues, etc.) are made, as appropriate, and opportunities are also made available for reinforcement and maintenance of mastered skills.

  • Community-Based Instruction is incorporated with the belief that every student, regardless of the severity of his or her disabilities, is capable of living, working, and recreating in the community. Therefore, Community-Based Instruction should cross over community, domestic, recreation/leisure, and vocational domains.

  • Community-Based Instruction is not a field trip.

  • Community-Based Instruction is not simply exposure to environments.

Community Based Instruction (CBI) Domains

DOMESTIC: this domain includes the skill areas of self care, personal grooming, wellness and nutrition, and home care, such as housekeeping, cooking and meal planning.

VOCATIONAL: the focus of this domain is to develop employability skills, such as being on time, staying on task, following rules, and calendar skills related to work.

COMMUNITY: this domain includes the skill areas of accessing transportation and community sites, such as libraries, grocery stores, shopping centers, the post office and restaurants.

RECREATION & LEISURE: the focus of this domain is to learn how to utilize public recreation options, to plan personal leisure time, and to participate in recreational activities.

Process of Implementation

  • Access individual student needs
  • Develop ecological inventories/repertoires
  • Prioritize skills
  • Plan the logistics: student grouping, staffing pattern, scheduling, transportation, cost

Community Based Instruction Business Partners

Here are a few of our CBI Business Partners:

  • VA Living Museum
  • Northampton Convalescent Center
  • Pearl Bailey Library
  • Classic Lanes Bowling
  • Fort Eustis Bowling Center
  • Newport News Fire Department

Michele Mitchell
Executive Director
Student Advancement
(757) 283-7850 x.10405


You may call (757) 283-7850 or use the e-mail form below.

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