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Full-Time Sites for Gifted Learners


An Achievable Dream Academy grades 3-5
Carver grades 3-5
Charles grades 3-5
General Stanford grades 3-5
Greenwood grades 3-5
Hidenwood grades 2-5
Kiln Creek grades 3-5
Lee Hall grades 3-5
Nelson grades 3-5
Palmer grades 3-5
Richneck grades 2-5
Riverside grades 2-5
Sanford grades 3-5
Saunders grades 3-5
Sedgefield grades 3-5
Yates grades 3-5


Achievable Dream grades 6-8
Dozier grades 6-8
Gildersleeve grades 6-8
Hines grades 6-8
Huntington grades 6-8


Honors Classes All high schools Open to all students
Advanced Placement Classes All high schools Open to all students
International Baccalaureate Program Warwick High School Requires Application
New Horizons Center For Science and Technology New Horizons Requires Application

* Please note that not all high school programs listed come under the supervision of the of the Gifted Services Department.