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Specific Abilities in Major Subjects (SAMS) Program

Program Description

SAMS stands for Specific Abilities in Major Subjects.  This program serves students in grades three through five who have exceptional abilities in specific subject areas, but are not in need of the full-time Enrichment or Intellectually gifted centers. 

The SAMS program is available in all elementary schools.  The emphasis for these students is in interdisciplinary studies that focus on four subject areas:  math, science, social studies, and English.  Students will participate in lessons designed to encourage creative, analytical, and divergent thinking.     

The Itinerant Gifted Resource teacher for Gifted Services will work with students in small groups twice each week for approximately one hour concentrating in the chosen subject area. 

Program Screening and Eligibility

Eligibility for the SAMS program is based on the latest SOL scores, Gifted Services screening results, and teacher recommendations.  Participation in SAMS class is on a one year basis and also subject to the student’s continued high performance within the class.  Should a teacher, administrator, or parent feel that a child’s placement in a SAMS class is not appropriate, the student will be removed from the program.