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Technology in Our Schools

The use of technology is continually advancing Newport News Public Schools (NNPS) into the 21st Century. The ultimate goal of our investment in technology is to ensure that students can access, assimilate, apply and adapt to existing and emerging technologies as life-long learners in a global community. When this occurs, NNPS will produce graduates who are able to understand and use technology to reach their full potential in life.


Google for Education
Need help getting your students logged in to Google on Chromebooks? Need help with Google Classroom or Sites? Learn more!


NNPS SharePoint
Your ability to access information and collaborate with your colleagues on the go is now a workplace necessity. Go to NNPS SharePoint.


Windows 10

View a brief overview of Windows 10 with tips and tricks as well as highlights of the newest features. Order Windows 10 Education for your home computer for $9.95!


Office 2016
Don't be intimidated by the new Office 2016! There are many features that haven't changed and some update you will love. Learn more about Office 2016.


Banner: Office 365 free for faculty, staff and Grades 3-12 students.

Help Desk

Submit a Help Desk Work Order


Here are some helpful tips for new users:

  • Verify or add details about your location.
  • Select the "Problem Type" icon that best describes your issue.
  • Provide a detailed description of your problem or request.
  • Enter the NNPS tag number of the device you're having a problem with (enter 9999 if NNPS tag is N/A).
  • Attach any relevant documents (request forms, screenshots, error messages) that you'd like the technician to see.
  • Click the "Submit" button.

Questions? Contact your school/site Technology Support Specialist (TSS) or call the Technology Help Desk at 881-5461 x.12411.

More Help Options

NNPS Software Self-Service Portal

To log in, please use your NNPS network user name (firstname.lastname) and password. The "Downloads" tab will contain software available for you to download and install. You can search on software by title, vendor, or label. Please only download and install software that you require.

Go to the Software Self-Service Portal

Technology Knowledge Base

To search the Technology Knowledge Base, please enter a search term (such as "email") to get a list of documents that may answer your question.