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Educational Technology Plan 2010-2015

The Process

The Educational Technology Plan Committee was set up utilizing the skills and experiences of individuals from within the school district; (i.e., teachers, administrators, program coordinators, supervisors and technology staff), government and community representatives, school board members and parents.

The process for evaluating the plan was achieved through a series of meetings where participants evaluated the technology survey, goals, strategies, and measures in small group interactions. In addition, individuals with specialized interests and backgrounds were also brought in to assess the functionality of the goals, strategies, and measures.

A website was set up to provide easy access to the working document and several resources to include the Educational Technology Plan for Virginia, the U.S. Department of Education plan, and the NNPS Technology Survey for committee members. Committee members also used this site as a blog for any suggestions relating to the plan.

Upon completion of this process, the document was then reviewed by the Senior Administrative Staff and sent to the School Board for approval. In accordance with state guidelines, this plan will be re-evaluated by the Educational Technology Plan Committee on an annual basis and incorporate the findings into the plan over time.

Technology Strategic Planning Committee

  • Adrienna Davis, Training Coordinator
  • Andy Stein, CIO, City of Newport News
  • Arram Dryer, Teacher, Menchville High School
  • Betty Dixon, School Board Member
  • Brian Callahan, VP of Education WHRO (Public Television)
  • Bryan Catlin, TV Broadcast Engineer
  • Charles Hamilton, Teacher AADA
  • Dr. Crystal B. Taylor, Supervisor, CTE
  • Dr. Daniel Curry-Corcoran, Executive Director, Accountability
  • Debra Abadie, Parent
  • Dewey Ray, Assistant Principal, Heritage High School
  • Donna Waldman, Assistive Technology Coordinator
  • Frank Labrecque, Executive Director, Technology & Transportation
  • Florence Diggs, Executive Secretary
  • Jack Bowden, Supervisor of Operations, Technology
  • James Maxlow, Lead ITC, Innovation and Development
  • Jeanne Lagesse, CTE
  • Jeff Stodghill, School Board Member
  • Jim Bryant, Planning Supervisor, Transportation
  • John Tupponce, Principal, B.C. Charles Elementary School
  • Kari Egnot, Teacher, Menchville High School
  • Dr. Kari Weston, Executive Director, Innovation & Development
  • Leni Kaufman, Northrop-Grumman
  • Mary Norris, ITC
  • Michael Nichols, Principal, Heritage High School
  • Michelle Munger, Parent
  • Sarah Garrity, ITC
  • Sean Callender, Principal, Dozier Middle School
  • Terri McCaughan, Program Administration, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Tom Doering, Media Specialist, Menchville High School
  • Tracy Brooks, Special Assistant to the Superintendent
  • Virginia Hawkins, Program Administrator, Federal Programs
  • Yvette Mardis, Parent

Curriculum Sub-Committee

  • James Maxlow, Lead ITC, Innovation & Development
  • Dr. Kari Weston, Executive Director, Innovation & Development
  • Renita Williams, Supervisor, Secondary Social Studies
  • Stephanie Hautz, Director, Curriculum & Instruction
  • Terri McCaughan, Program Administration, Curriculum & Instruction
Executive Summary