The Big Give Back

The Big Give Back Program connects high school students, attending Newport News Public Schools, with volunteer opportunities in the community.

Big Give Back logoNNPS schools and departments, non-profit, government, faith-based, and private organizations and businesses can share volunteer opportunities with interested students. Big Give Back projects may include special events which require a few hours of service to ongoing initiatives. Our schools, community partners, and high school student group, can propose "projects" for which they need volunteers (ex. Engineering Challenge, sporting event, etc.) or for an event or project they would like to start at an elementary or middle school (ex. establish a chess club, mentoring program, etc.). Registered organizations and NNPS departments can request volunteers for projects of all sizes, including single day events or programs covering several weeks. High school students can apply to participate in the BGB and select opportunities in which they would like to serve.

Questions? Contact Bridget Adams, Supervisor, Youth Development at (757) 283-7850 x.10318.

Program Benefits

  • Students can find community service openings which match their skills, interests, abilities, and commitments. 

  • NNPS departments and other registered organizations can easily connect with volunteers who can help them to achieve their project goals.

  • The BGB will increase the number of student involvement opportunities available to high school students, including those who do not actively participate in organized clubs at their home school.

  • Some BGB opportunities may qualify as Service Learning, if the student serves a minimum of 70 hours.  Students who are not seeking service learning credit can accumulate community service experience and hours.

Program Administration

The Big Give Back Program is administered by the NNPS Youth Development Department. Any questions or concerns about the program or the Big Give Back Portal may be forwarded to Bridget Adams, Supervisor, Youth Development at (757) 283-7850 x.10318.